LoL TFT Yuumi

Teamfight Tactics Yuumi

The Magical Cat

LoL Teamfight Tactics Yuumi when equipped Wearer is also a Sorcerer. This item is built with Spatula, Needlessly Large Rod and is good with Elementalist Class.

  • Yuumi Wearer is also a Sorcerer. +

How to build Yuumi item combination

LoL Champions Good With TFT Yuumi

The LoL TFT Yuumi is good with the following champions:

  • Elementalists gain mana from attacks and summons unit at the start of combat.
  • (3) At the start of combat, summon a Golem (2200 HP)(100 Attack Damage), Elementalists also gain double mana from attacks.
  • Good With Elementalist Buff Stats

    • Sorcerer
    • Wild
  • Robots start combat at full mana.
  • (1) Robots start combat with Full Mana.
  • Good With Robot Buff Stats

    • Brawler

      What TFT Items To Use With Yuumi

      We recommend using these Items With TFT Yuumi.

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