TFT Tier List 9.22

Welcome to our League of Legends Teamfight Tactics Tier List, here you can view all the best champions to use in riot’s auto chess game mode. We rank all the chess pieces and list information such as their rarity, cost and type, you can also Tap/Click any of the champions to view even more information about them.


TFT Best Champions

The TFT Best Champions Tier List for patch 13.4 Ranks the Best Chess Pieces within S-Tier and the Weaker choices are found near the bottom in F-Tier. The Rank is organized by Cost, this will allow you to see the Best Champions for each Cost/Tier Bracket. We then rank what we consider to be the strongest based on the Total Stat Value of the champion. If you are looking for something specific in TFT Meta like the Highest DPS or Biggest Tank then you should visit our other Tier Lists for TFT 13.4.

13.4 TFT Tier List Best Early Game Champions

God TierS

$2Malzahar Shadow Summoner


$2Rek'Sai Steel Predator $2Varus Inferno Ranger $1Kog'Maw Poison Predator $1Maokai Woodland Druid $1Renekton Desert Berserker $1Vladimir Ocean Mage $1Zyra Inferno Summoner $2Syndra Ocean Mage $2Thresh Ocean Warden


$2Volibear Electric Berserker Glacial $1Warwick Glacial Predator $2Braum Glacial Warden $1Vayne Light Ranger $1Ivern Woodland Druid $1Nasus Light Warden $1Ornn Light Warden $1Taliyah Mountain Mage $2Diana Inferno Assassin $2Jax Light Berserker $2Neeko Woodland Druid $2Skarner Crystal Predator

13.4 TFT Tier List Best Mid Game Champions

God TierS

$4Kha'Zix Desert Assassin $4Brand Inferno Mage $4Ashe Crystal Ranger $4Kindred Phantom Ranger $3Kindred Inferno Ranger Shadow $3Sivir Desert Blademaster $4Janna Cloud Mystic $4Malphite Mountain Warden $4Olaf Glacial Berserker


$3Aatrox Light Blademaster $3Ezreal Glacial Ranger $3Azir Desert Summoner $3Dr Mundo Poison Berserker $3Nautilus Ocean Warden $3Nocturne Steel Assassin $3Qiyana Variable Assassin $3Sion Shadow Berserker $4Annie Inferno Summoner $4Twitch Poison Ranger


$3Veigar Shadow Mage $3Soraka Light Mystic



13.4 TFT Tier List Best Late Game Champions

God TierS

$5Zed Electric Assassin Summoner $5Master Yi Shadow Blademaster Mystic $5Nami Ocean Mystic $5Singed Poison Alchemist $5Taric Crystal Warden $5Lux Variable Avatar



LoL TFT Champion Pool Size and Probabilities

If the table below shows your chance rate to roll either a Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, etc based on your current level. For example, if I em currently level 3 I have a 30% chance rate to get a Tier 2 Champion and a 60% chance rate it will be Tier 1 Champion, also a very slim chance it will be Tier 3 with a 5% chance.

Tier 1
Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

Tier 5
Level 1 100%
Level 2 100%
Level 3 65% 30% 5%
Level 4 50% 35% 15%
Level 5 37% 35% 25% 3%
Level 6 24.5% 35% 30% 10% 0.5%
Level 7 20% 30% 33% 15% 2%
Level 8 15% 25% 35% 20% 5%
Level 9 10% 15% 35% 30% 10%

How much damage do I deal each round?

Below is an image from a RIOT AMA that details the player damage formula. For example, if your Draven survived at the end of the round he will deal 3 + Star Rank and say I have a Rank 3 Star Draven (Gold) that is (Draven’s Tier) + (Star 3 Rank) = 7 Damage in Total.




Teamfight Tactics Champions List

The Teamfight Tactics Champions List every champion sorted by their Tier, you can Click/Tap the champion images to view more information such stats, ability damage and the best items to use for each one.


Zed Electric Assassin SummonerAnivia ElementalistMiss Fortune Pirate GunslingerKarthus Phantom SorcererSwain Imperial Shapeshifter DemonKayle Noble KnightPantheon Dragon GuardianMaster Yi Shadow Blademaster MysticNami Ocean MysticSinged Poison AlchemistTaric Crystal WardenLux Variable Avatar


Akali NinjaKha'Zix Desert AssassinDraven ImperialCho'Gath VoidBrand Inferno MageLeona Noble GuardianSejuani KnightAshe Crystal RangerGnar Wild Shapeshifter YordleAurelion Sol Dragon SorcererKindred Phantom RangerJinx Hextech GunslingerAnnie Inferno SummonerJanna Cloud MysticMalphite Mountain WardenOlaf Glacial BerserkerTwitch Poison RangerYorick Light Summoner


Evelynn DemonKatarina ImperialRengar WildAatrox Light BlademasterKennen Ninja Elementalist YordlePoppy Yordle KnightShyvana Dragon ShapeshifterMorgana Demon SorcererVeigar Shadow MageGangplank Pirate GunslingerVi Hextech BrawlerEzreal Glacial RangerAzir Desert SummonerDr Mundo Poison BerserkerKindred Inferno Ranger ShadowNautilus Ocean WardenNocturne Steel AssassinQiyana Variable AssassinSion Shadow BerserkerSivir Desert BlademasterSoraka Light Mystic


Pyke PirateYasuo Cloud BlademasterShen NinjaVolibear Electric Berserker GlacialRek'Sai Steel PredatorLissandra ElementalistBraum Glacial WardenBlitzcrank Robot BrawlerLucian Noble GunslingerVarus Inferno RangerAhri Wild SorcererLulu Yordle SorcererTwisted Fate Pirate SorcererJayce Hextech ShapeshifterDiana Inferno AssassinJax Light BerserkerLeBlanc Woodland Assassin MageMalzahar Shadow SummonerNeeko Woodland DruidSkarner Crystal PredatorSyndra Ocean MageThresh Ocean Warden


Darius ImperialFiora NobleWarwick Glacial PredatorGraves Pirate GunslingerTristana Yordle GunslingerGaren Noble KnightMordekaiser Phantom KnightVayne Light RangerElise Demon ShapeshifterNidalee Wild ShapeshifterKassadin Void SorcererCamille HextechIvern Woodland DruidKog'Maw Poison PredatorMaokai Woodland DruidNasus Light WardenOrnn Light WardenRenekton Desert BerserkerTaliyah Mountain MageVladimir Ocean MageZyra Inferno Summoner



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