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Diablo 2 Act 1 Guide

Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 1 Guide, list of locations and bosses found within this act. We also detail important quest you should complete before you move onto the next diffculty in D2.
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D2 Act 1 Quests

List of all Quests in Act 1; this Quest Guide will include how to start, how to complete, and what rewards you will receive.

Quest How To Start How To Complete Rewards
Den of Evil
Starting Act 1
Den of Evil (Blood Moor)
One skill point and One Character Respec from Akara
Sisters' Burial Grounds
Entering the Cold Plains
Burial Grounds off the Cold Plains
One free Rogue mercenary from Kashya and option to hire more of them.
The Search for Cain
Reaching the Dark Wood
Tristram, reached via the Stony Field Portal
Free item identification from Deckard Cain and a Ring from Akara.
The Forgotten Tower
Reading the Moldy Tome found in the Stony Field or Finding the The Forgotten Tower (Black Marsh)
Find the Forgotten Tower ruins in the Black Marsh
Killing the Countess on the Level 5 of the tower, Drops stacks of gold, items and runes
Tools of the Trade
Reaching the Monastery Gates (Tamoe Highlands)
The Smith's room in the Barracks
Charsi will imbue an item for you. Turn a normal item into a Rare with random stats, based on your Character Level.
Sisters to the Slaughter
Finishing the Tools of the Trade Quest, or by reaching Catacombs Level 3
Andariel's Throne Room, Catacombs Level 4
Travel to Lut Gholein (Act 2) with Warriv's caravan.

Locations in Act 1 D2

You can Click/Tap any of the Act 1 Locations to view what Weapons and Armor have a high chance of dropping in the area.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 1 Bosses

Click/Tap to view each boss's highest drop chance of weapons and armor; we also included their damage type weaknesses.

Corpsefire (Den of Evil)
Bishibosh (Cold Plains)
Blood Raven (Burial Grounds)
Bonebreaker (Crypt)
Coldcrow (Cave)
Rakanishu (Stony Field)
Treehead Woodfist (Dark Wood)
Griswold (Tristram)
The Countess (Tower Cellar Level 5)
Flamespike the Crawler (Inner Cloister)
Bone Ash (Cathedral)
The Smith (Barracks)
The Cow King (Secret Cow Level)
Andariel (Catacombs)
Blood Moor
Cold Plains
Stony Field
Dark Wood
Black Marsh
Tamoe Highland
Den Of Evil
Cave Level 1
Underground Passage Level 1
Hole Level 1
Pit Level 1
Cave Level 2
Underground Passage Level 2
Hole Level 2
Pit Level 2
Burial Grounds
Tower Cellar Level 1
Tower Cellar Level 2
Tower Cellar Level 3
Tower Cellar Level 4
Tower Cellar Level 5
Monastery Gate
Outer Cloister
Jail Level 1
Jail Level 2
Jail Level 3
Inner Cloister
Catacombs Level 1
Catacombs Level 2
Catacombs Level 3
Catacombs Level 4
Secret Cow Level
Rocky Waste
Dry Hills
Far Oasis
Lost City
Valley Of Snakes
Canyon Of The Magi
Sewers Level 1
Sewers Level 2
Sewers Level 3
Harem Level 2
Palace Cellar Level 1
Palace Cellar Level 2
Palace Cellar Level 3
Stony Tomb Level 1
Halls Of The Dead Level 1
Halls Of The Dead Level 2
Halls Of The Dead Level 3
Claw Viper Temple Level 1
Stony Tomb Level 2
Claw Viper Temple Level 2
Maggot Lair Level 1
Maggot Lair Level 2
Maggot Lair Level 3
Ancient Tunnels
Tal Rasha's Tomb
Duriel's Lair
Arcane Sanctuary
Tal Rasha's Tomb
Tal Rasha's Chamber
Spider Forest
Great Marsh
Flayer Jungle
Lower Kurast
Kurast Bazaar
Upper Kurast
Forgotten Temple
Kurast Causeway
Arachnid Lair
Spider Cavern
Swampy Pit Level 1
Swampy Pit Level 2
Flayer Dungeon Level 1
Flayer Dungeon Level 2
Swampy Pit Level 3
Flayer Dungeon Level 3
Sewers Level 1
Sewers Level 2
Ruined Temple
Disused Fane
Forgotten Reliquary
Disused Reliquary
Ruined Fane
Durance Of Hate Level 1
Durance Of Hate Level 2
Durance Of Hate Level 3
Outer Steppes
Plains Of Despair
City Of The Damned
River Of Flame
Chaos Sanctum
Bloody Foothills
Rigid Highlands
Arreat Plateau
Crystalline Passage
Frozen River
Glacial Trail
Drifter Cavern
Frozen Tundra
Ancient's Way
Icy Cellar
Arreat Summit
Nihlathak's Temple
Halls Of Anguish
Halls Of Pain
Halls Of Vaught
Pit Of Acheron
Infernal Pit
The Worldstone Keep Level 1
The Worldstone Keep Level 2
The Worldstone Keep Level 3
Throne Of Destruction
The Worldstone Chamber
Matron's Den
Forgotten Sands
Furnace Of Pain
Über Tristram
Blood Raven
Treehead Woodfist
The Countess
Pitspawn Fouldog
Flamespike The Crawler
Bone Ash
The Smith
The Cow King
Creeping Feature
Blood Witch The Wild
Coldworm The Burrower
Dark Elder
Fire Eye
The Summoner
Ancient Kaa The Soulless
Sszark The Burning
Witch Doctor Endugu
Battlemaid Sarina
Icehawk Riftwing
Ismail Vilehand
Geleb Flamefinger
Toorc Icefist
Bremm Sparkfist
Maffer Dragonhand
Wyand Voidbringer
Hephasto The Armorer
Grand Vizier Of Chaos
Infector Of Souls
Lord De Seis
Dac Farren
Shenk The Overseer
Eldritch The Rectifier
Eyeback The Unleashed
Sharptooth Slayer
Thresh Socket
Bonesaw Breaker
Snapchip Shatter
Korlic The Protector
Madawc The Guardian
Talic The Defender
Colenzo The Annihilator
Achmel The Cursed
Bartuc The Bloody
Ventar The Unholy
Lister The Tormentor