Pokemon Quest Tumblecube Island Locations

Welcome to our Pokemon Quest Tumblecube Island Locations, here we will explain what type of pokemon and Ingredients you will find in each world. Depending on which world/location you are visiting certain types of pokemon will be more common and certain colors of ingredients are more abundant.


Pokemon Quest Tumblecube Island

Pokemon Quest Tumblecube Island 

  • Type Bonus – The type of pokemon you will find in this world.
  • Ingredient Ratio – How much you will find of certain color Ingredients in that specific world.

If you need to catch a certain type of pokemon you should check out our Cooking Recipes guide.

Locations Areas Type Bonus Ingredient Ratio
first steppe
First Steppe
4 Fighting 
gloomy grove
Gloomy Grove
5 Fire 
backforth brook
Backforth Brook
5 Grass 
parched peak
Parched Peak
5 Flying 
belly button cave
Belly Button Cave
5 Water 
pincushion plain
Pincushion Plain
5 Bug 
miasma moor

Miasma Moor

6 Rock 
hushed highlands
Hushed Highlands
6 Ground 
nightlight nook
Nightlight Nook
6 Psychic 
farside fjord
Farside Fjord
6 Electric 
chamber of legends

Chamber of Legends

1 N/A
happenstance island

Happenstance Island

9 N/A

Not sure what pokemon are weak against on Pokemon Quest Tumblecube Island, you can use this handy type chart to figure out that Rock Type take more damage from Grass and Water Pokemon.


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