Pokemon Quest Power Stones


Welcome to our Pokemon Quest Power Stones Guide, we have also included information on Pokemon Quest Move Stones. We will explain what each stat does such as Hit Healing, Critical Hit Rate and more.



The first feature players should be aware of is the Bingo Bonus, this happens when a pokemon has a full line of power stones. Each time you have a Vertical or Horizontal line filled, you will receive a Bingo Bonus.

(Bingo Bonus is unique to each pokemon, with a maximum of 3 bonuses available.)

Listed below are all the stats with a description explaining how they will affect your pokemon.

Pokemon Quest Power Stones

Pokemon Quest Power Stones Special Ability

  • Critical Hit Rate (%) – Increases the chances you’ll land a Critical Hit
  • Critical Hit Damage (%) – Increases the damage you’ll inflict with a Critical Hit
  • Natural Healing (%) – Increases the health your Pokémon naturally recovers
  • Hit Healing (%) – Increases the health regained through attacks
  • Healing from K.O. (%) – Increases health after the Pokémon lands a KO
  • Time to Recover (%) – Speeds up the time it takes for the Pokémon to recover after being knocked out
  • HP upon Recovery (%) – Increases the health regained after being knocked out
  • Resistant to Effects (%) – Increases resistance to certain effects
  • Resistant to Status Conditions (%) – Increases resistance to status conditions
  • Movement Speed (%) – Increases the Pokémon’s speed



Pokemon Quest Move Stones

Each pokemon will have between 1-3 Move Stone Sockets, these sockets will allow you to attach a Move Stone for a special bonus. There is a total of the 6 different types of move stones and will affect your stat bonuses differently.


Pokemon Quest Move Stones Description

BroadBurst Stone
Increases width of spread moves by 1

ScatterShot Stone
Increases amount of hits from a move but decreases damage

Sharing Stone
Increases effect chance for buddy Pokémon

This is really with abilities such as Barrier, Reflect and Harden. Sharing this Buff among your whole team will provide lots of value in battles.

Stay Strong Stone
Increases duration of move effects

This combined with the Sharing Stone Above make for an even more potent buff for your whole team.

Wait Less Stone
Decreases time required for a move to recharge

Whack-Whack Stone
Adds an extra attack of the Pokémon but increases wait time by 50%

We recommend using this on a Strong Move such as Hyper Beam or Bite to get the most out of out, or even for some amazing mobility in a fight by using it on a Jumping Move of some type.

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