Pokemon Lets Go Secret Techniques

Welcome to our Pokemon Lets Go Secret Techniques, here you can view all the new Secret Techniques in the game that will be replacing the classic HMs such as Cut, Surf and Fly.

Pokemon Lets Go Secret Techniques

Pokemon Let’s Go Secret Techniques

List of all the Pokemon Lets Go Secret Techniques and how they are used in the game. We will also detail what HM they have replaced and any additional information we find. These Special Moves are learned by your starter pokemon, either Pikachu or Eevee depending on the version you are playing.

Move What It Does How To Get
Chop Down
Used to clear away trees blocking a path  S.S. Anne
Sea Skim
Allows starter to glide across the water  Safari Zone
Sky Dash
Allows you to revisit towns you’ve previously been to  Route 16
Strong Push
Allows you to push rocks out of the way  Fuchsia City
Light Up
Allows you to light up dark caves  Route 2


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