Pokemon Lets Go Alolan

Welcome to our Pokemon Lets Go Alolan Form Pokemon Guide, here we will explain how to Alolan Species in Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu! and Eevee! Versions.

Pokemon Lets Go Alolan

How To Get Alolan Pokemon In Let’s Go

Pokemon Let’s Go Alolan Form Pokemon are a different species from the original versions, this means aside from their appearance their Types, Moves, Stats and even Height are different. In Pokemon Let’s Go Alolan Pokemon are acquired through trading the Original Kanto version for the Alolan Version from NPCs around the Kanto region.

Every NPC is found within the Pokemon Center of its respective location. You will need the regular Kanto version to trade for the Alolan Version.

Alolan Version Where To Find
Marowak any Fuchsia City
Exeggutor any Indigo Plateau
Grimer Let’s Go Pikachu! Cinnabar Island
Geodude any Vermilion City
Meowth Let’s Go Eevee! Cinnabar Island
Diglett any Lavender Town
Vulpix Let’s Go Eevee! Celadon City
Sandshrew Let’s Go Pikachu! Celadon City
Raichu any Saffron City
Rattata any Cerulean City

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Pokemon Lets Go Evolution Chart


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