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Welcome to our Overwatch Weekly Brawl Tier List, Character Rankings of the Best Overwatch Heroes within each Weekly Brawl.

A quick and simple guide to each Weekly Brawl game mode.


Every week a different Overwatch Weekly Brawl is rotated in, Featuring a set of unique and some times challenging rules.

Players will earn -10% XP in Weekly Brawl matches.

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Overwatch Tier List

Overwatch Best Weekly Brawl Heroes

spr 11

arcade Weekly brawl


Best Weekly Brawl Heroes For Arcade Mode:

150% Ultimate Gain Rate
75% Faster Ability Cooldowns
Overwatch weekly Brawl Tier List
[table id=85 /]

spr 11

Best Weekly Brawl Hero For Super Shimada Bros. Mode:

Map: Only Hanamura
Heroes: Hanzo – Genji
Faster abilities, slower ultimates

Genji > Hanzo

shimada-bros weekly brawl

Super Shimada Bros.

spr 11

overly-defensive weekly brawl

Overly Defensive

 Overwatch Weekly Brawl Tier List For Overly Defensive Mode:

Heroes: All Defesive Heroes
Limited to 2 of the same per team

[table id=89 /]

spr 11

 Overwatch Weekly Brawl Tier List For Head’s Up! Mode:

Heroes: McCree | Genji | Widowmaker | Hanzo
Headshots Only

[table id=90 /]

heads-up weekly brawl

Head’s Up!

spr 11

show-your-support weekly brawl

Show Your Support

 Overwatch Weekly Brawl Tier List For Show Your Support Mode:

Supports: Lucio | Mercy | Zenyatta | Symmetra
Limited to 2 of the same per team

[table id=91 /]

spr 11

 Best Brawl Hero For The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Mode:

Heroes: McCree | Reaper | Roadhog

[table id=92 /]

the-good-the-bad-the-ugly weekly brawl

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

spr 11

tanks-a-lot weekly brawl

Tanks A Lot

 Best Brawl Heroes For Tanks A Lot Mode:

Tanks: Reinhardt | Zarya| Roadhog | Winston | D.Va

[table id=93 /]

spr 11

 Best Team Comp For Justice Rains From Above! Mode:

2X Mercy + 4X Pharah


3X Mercy + 3X Pharah

justice-rains-from-above weekly brawl

Justice Rains From Above!

spr 11

girl-power weekly brawl

Girl Power

 Best Weekly Brawl Heroes For Girl Power Mode:

Female heroes only.

[table id=94 /]

spr 11

 Best Weekly Brawl Heroes For MOBA-watch Mode:

Unique heroes per team.(No Hero Stacking)

No hero switching allowed

[table id=95 /]

moba-watch weekly brawl


spr 11

mystery-heroes weekly brawl

Mystery Heroes

Information On Mystery Heroes Mode:

On death you will respawn as a randomly selected hero.

spr 11

Information For High Noon Mode:

Route 66 Map Only

McCree Only

Headshots Only

high-noon weekly brawl

High Noon

spr 11

were-all-soliders-now weekly brawl

We’re All Soldiers Now

Information On We’re All Soldiers Now Mode:

Control Point Maps Only

Soldier 76 Only

spr 11

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Overwatch Tier List