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Welcome to our Overwatch Tier List, Competitive Play Character rankings of the Best Overwatch Heroes.

Ranked in Tiers: S TIER = The Strongest/Best Overwatch Hero Picks |~| F TIER = The Weakest/Most Difficult To Play.

Color Coordinated based on the OW Hero Role. As a Bonus, we have added Team Compositions with this Overwatch Hero Tier List. Also, a section of the Best Overwatch Heroes based on Game-Modes.

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(Best Overwatch Hero | Highest Tier | Overpowered)
S TIER AKA GOD TIER is full of the Best Overwatch Heroes within the Overwatch Tier List. These heroes were chosen, Mostly due to Damage and Flexibility with any Team Composition and or Map.


(High Skill Cap | Strong Hero)
B TIER has Strong Overwatch Heroes and those with high skill caps. These Overwatch Heroes are not among the Best since they do not fulfill their OW Hero role as effectively as GOD TIER Heroes.


(Difficult To Play | Lowest Tier)
Heroes within F TIER of the Overwatch Tier List do not fulfill there role as effectively as other Overwatch Heroes. They are also more difficult to play and in some cases even easier to counter pick.

  • Reinhardt: Hands down one of the Best Overwatch Heroes within the tank role and even this Overwatch Tier List for that matter.
  • Zarya: No mobility, she does, however, make up for it with Shields that stop damage and Crowd Control CC. Along with a huge Game Changing Ult AOE CC ability perfect for Competitive Play.
  • Reaper: Up Close Reaper will almost always win the 1v1, not to mention his ability to flank and catch the enemy of guard. While having an ability to escape and go unpunished.
  • Soldier 76: One of the Best Overwatch Heroes for any players, simple play-style while being able to provide the team with AOE Healing.
  • Lucio: One of the best heroes in this Overwatch Tier List. With an even higher value on certain maps that make use of his knockback ability (Sonic Amplifier-Secondary Fire).
  • Mercy: The 3 words that can make your stomach turn “Heroes never die” Mercy’s AOE Ult (Resurrect). Easily the biggest game changer in Overwatch Competitive Play.
  • Mei: One of the Best Overwatch Counter Picks to certain Heroes such as Junkrat, Tracer, Genji.
  • Junkrat: Spraying and praying will only get you so far as Junkrat. This becomes, even more, less effective in Competitive play where your opponents are most skilled.
  • Roadhog: Does lots of damage for a tank hero, he, however, does not fulfill the tank role as effective as other Overwatch Tank Heroes.
  • D.Va: Mobility to take care of pesky Hanzo and Widowmakers while having a way to protect your team from damage(Defense Matrix). AOE Ult for clearing areas of enemy threats.
  • Pharah: This OW Hero on the right map can be one of the Best Overwatch Heroes within this Overwatch Tier List. However, she can struggle against a skilled Torbjorn and his turret.
  • Genji: If you had to choose one OW hero to main, this would be the character due his high skill cap. Skilled Genji players can not only win you 1v1; they can clear out your entire team as well with one good ult.
  • Symmetra: For the most part she is only played during defensive rounds, this is mainly due to her Teleporter. Symmetra can do a lot of damage up close and even melt tank heroes.
  • Tracer: Difficult to master and can easily be counter picked.
  • Zenyatta: The one support in this Overwatch Tier List, who can both support while carrying with damage and eliminations. It would be best to use a god tier support in competitive play, since they are better at staying alive.
  • Winston: Similar to D.Va in many ways, just less damage and shorter cooldowns on mobility.
  • Hanzo: In the hands of a skilled hanzo players, this OW hero can be regarded as one of the Best Overwatch Heroes. Along with having a nasty hit box on his arrows shots.
  • McCree: Effective counter against tracer, while having both strong long and close range damage.
  • Windowmaker: High skill cap Overwatch hero that can provide the team with a lot of vision utility.
  • Torbjorn: This OW hero is regarded as one of the easiest Overwatch Heroes due his auto aiming AI Turret. Making matters even worse when his Ult is activated, his turrets becomes even more powerful. While Torbjorn himself becomes tanky.
  • Bastion: This OW hero can be really effective with the proper protection and lack of counter picks from the enemy team. (See Below For Bastion Team Comps)

Overwatch Team Comps

Overwatch Tier List Team Composition: Team Comps are a selection of the best Overwatch Heroes who are played at the same time, These OW heroes will often have an ability that helps makes their Teammate’s hero ability’s that much Stronger/Better. These tend to be the most effective with overwatch Competitive Play, where teamwork is most important for winning games.


Game Changer:
(Use Zarya/Reinhardt/Mei ULT while enemies are grouped, another player will use their ULT by McCree/Pharah/Hanzo.)

Zarya Reinhardt CounterMei Counter Zarya | GravitonSurgeIconGraviton Surge: Crowd Control (AoE CC)
ReinhardtIconEarthShatterEarthshatter: Crowd Control (AoE CC)
MeiIconBlizzardBlizzard: Crowd Control (AoE CC)


McCreePharahHanzo McCree | DeadeyeIconDeadEye: Damage
| IconDragonstrikeDragonstrike: Damage
| IconBarrageBarrage: Damage

spr 11

Armored Turret:
(Build a Torbjorn Turret and setup with Bastion then place Winston’s Barrier Projector and have Reinhardt start shielding your turrets.)

WinstonReinhardtZarya Winston IconShieldProjectorBarrier Projector: Bubble Shield
| IconShieldBarrier Field: Wall Shield
ZaryaZaryaProjectedBarrierIcon Projected Barrier: Invulnerability Shield


TorbjornBastion Torbjorn | IconBuildTurretBuild Turret: Damage
Bastion | IconSiegeConfiguration Sentry: Damage

spr 11

Search and Destroy:
(Gain the advantage in game with vision threw these two hero ability’s)

Hanzo | IconSonicArrowSonic Arrow: Vision


IconInfraSightInfra- Sight: Vision


spr 11

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Best Overwatch Hero

Best Overwatch Hero Based on the Map or Game-Mode, any particular OW character can be a strong Overwatch hero if certain condition are met. Hanzo, for example, is especially strong when escorting a payload thanks to his ultimate being able to clear out areas of enemy heroes. Pharah is even more effective, on Maps with spots that she can Jet pack to reach and then processed to lay waste with her AOE Damage. Winston in small enclosed areas like inside buildings, allows him to smash players when they have very little places to retreat. Bastion at Choke Point Areas that enemy players have to pass through, during the Payload Game Mode is extremely useful. Any OW hero in the right game type or map position can be the best overwatch hero.

Since OW has such different and varying Heroes, using an OverWatch Tier List will help keep you up to speed on what heroes you should play based on your Role/Game-Type/Map each and every Patch. Using the right OW Hero you can have the biggest and most impact in your games. Avoid playing underpowered Heroes by using this OverWatch Tier List, Instead, know exactly what you should be playing to Overwatch Boost yourself and earn Overwatch Season Rewards.

Overwatch Tier List of the Best Heroes Based On Game-Mode.


PayLoad will have one Team Attacking in an attempt to Stop the Moving PayLoad, While the team other will be Escorting the PayLoad to the other end of the Map. These are the best overwatch heroes for the payload game mode.

Point Capture/Assault

Similar to PayLoad, One Team will be Attacking Specific Locations on the Map. While the other Team will be Defending those same Locations. Below are the best overwatch heroes for point capture game-mode.

ReinhardtLucioZaryaSoldier 76WinstonGenjiWidowmakerD.Va


ReinhardtZaryaReaperSoldier 76LucioZenyattaD.VaWinstonPharahWidowmaker


spr 11


Control is a Game-Mode similar to King Of Hill, With Two Teams fight over an Objective Area. When a Team is in Control of an Area the will begin to Capture it, First to 100% Wins the Round. Total of 3 Rounds in a Best of 3 Format. These are the best overwatch heroes for control maps.


These hybrid maps are used for both Assault and Escort. This Game Mode starts with an Assault and ends with an Escort section. These are some of the most flexible heroes in this OW Tier List.

ReinhardtZaryaLucioReaperSoldier 76HanzoMeiD.VaWinstonMcCreePharahTracerRoadhogJunkrat

ReinhardtZaryaWinstonSoldier 76LucioZenyattaMercyWidowmakerMcCreeD.VaGenji


RankedBoost Overwatch Hero Tier List, always up-to-date with the newest heroes and patch changes. An easy reference on what Heroes you should be playing, based on the Game Mode/Objective.

Thank you for viewing our Overwatch Tier List, from everyone at RankedBoost we hope you enjoy playing the best overwatch heroes.


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