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Overwatch is blizzards first attempt at a Multiplayer FPS game, that plays more like a battle arena similar to games like HoTS and LoL. You can choose from a selection of heroes each with there own unique set of abilities and Roles. The easiest comparison to Overwatch would be if you liked Team Fortress 2, then you are going to love this game.

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Overwatch Game Modes

Overwatch has two game modes available for play.


In the game mode Payload the objective is to have your team escort and bodyguard a payload to the end of the map.

Point Capture

In the game mode Point Capture your team will either need to Attack or Defends Capture Points in order to win. This game mode is similar to game modes such as king of the hill.

Overwatch Maps

Currently there are 8 maps available, each map drawing inspiration from famous location around the world.



King’s Row


Temple of Anubis


Overwatch Heroes

Currently Overwatch has 21 Confirmed Heroes and blizzard plans to release a lot more during its development.