Augments Good With Ocean Soul

We recommend using the following augments with Ocean Soul.

Ocean Soul
Ocean Soul
Gain the Ocean Soul, granting high Health and Mana regen after damaging enemies.
Ocean Soul Effect: Dealing damage to enemies heals you for 130 (+ 26% bonus AD) (+ 17% AP) (+ 7% bonus health) and restores 80 (+ 3.5% maximum mana) mana over 4 seconds.
Augments Good With Ocean Soul


  • Mind to Matter
  • Mountain Soul
  • Infernal Soul
  • Evocation


  • Omni Soul

Best Champions to use with Ocean Soul

These are the champions that benefit the most from the Ocean Soul Augment.

Best Items to use with Ocean Soul

These are the best items to use with the Ocean Soul Augment.

Items Good With
Shurelya's Battlesong
Archangel's Staff
Chemtech Putrifier
Guardian Angel
Seraph's Embrace
Zeke's Convergence
Frozen Heart
Guardian's Orb
Winter's Approach
Mikael's Blessing
Ardent Censer