Super Mario Party Minigames


Welcome to our Super Mario Party Minigames List Guide, here you can view a complete list of all minigames in Super Mario Party. We will also explain the Coin breakdown when you win a minigame or lose it.

Super Mario Party minigames



Super Mario Party Minigames

The Super Mario Party Minigames List is organized by the different game mode types, such as 1v3, 2v2 and FFA. Before we get into the list of minigames in Super Mario Party, let’s look at the coin breakdowns when you win or lose a game.

  • Free For All Minigames1st 8 Coins | 2nd 4 Coins | 3rd 2 Coins | 4th 0 Coins
  • 1v3 Minigames – 1st 8 Coins | 2nd 2 Coins
  • 2v2 Minigames – 1st 8 Coins | 2nd 2 Coins

Note: 4-Way Ties result with everyone gaining 5 Coins.

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Super Mario Party Minigames

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Free For All Minigames (FFA)

Game Details
Slaparazzi a minigame similar to Flash Forward
Sizzling Stakes players cook a meat cube
Trike Harder a tricycle racing minigame
Fuzzy Flight School players dodge Fuzzies in their airships
Senseless Census
Gridiron Gauntlet players avoid Chargin’ Chucks
Precision Gardening players pump water to water a plant
Snack Attack where players must catch giant falling popcorns with their buckets while avoiding boulders
Sphere Mongers
Soak or Croak  players use water guns to shoot each other off a platform.
Off the Chain
Block and Load
Croozin’ for a Broozin’  players go as far as they can while being chased by a swarm of Broozers
Candy Shakedown
Fish Food  players throw balls into a Cheep Chomp goal
Stake Your Claim
Rumble Fishing  players fish from Lakitu’s Clouds
Dash and Dine
Barrelling Along  where players ride on barrels
Rattle and Hmmm  uses the HD rumble to guess the enemies
Can Take Pancake  players grab pancakes
Looking For Love
Feeding Friendsy  players throw balls into Cheep Chomp machines
Look Sharp
Social Climbers players climb up a pole
Shell Shocked Deluxe Minigame where players shoot each other from shell tanks inspired by Shell Shocked and Tanks a Lot. Exclusive to Toad’s Rec Room

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1v3 Minigames

Game Details
Dust Buddies
Sign, Steal, Deliver
Smash and Crab
Block and Load
Dart Gallery

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2v2 Minigames

Game Details
Making Faces
Tall Order
Fruit Forecast
Nut Cases

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