Super Mario Party Items

Welcome to our Super Mario Party Items List Guide, here you can view a complete list of all Items in Super Mario Party and details what they do.

Super Mario Party Items

Super Mario Party Item List

The Super Mario Party Item List with details on how each item works when used in the game. Keep in mind that players can only carry a maximum of 3 Items at one time, so don’t be afraid to use them up when you get the chance.

Item List

Items What It Does
Buddy Phone Call on an ally.
Custom Dice Block Roll whatever number you want from 1 to 6. Stops allies from rolling dice.
Golden Drink Gain 1 coin each time you move. Can’t use this while Peepa is in the way.
Peepa Bell Call a Peepa to take 1 coin from a rival each time they move.
Fly Guy Ticket Call a Fly Guy to steal an item from a rival.
Warp Box Warp close to a teammate.
Coinado Steal 5 to 10 coins from rivals.
Poison Mushroom Subtracts -2 from a rival’s Dice Block roll.
Dash Mushroom Adds +3 to your Dice Block roll.
Golden Dash Mushroom Adds +5 to your Dice Block roll.

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