Red Dead Redmeption 2 Activities


Welcome to our Red Dead Redemption 2 Activities list also know as Mini-Games. You can view all the mini-games in Red Dead Redemption 2 for PS4, XBOX1, and PC. We will explain where you can find these activities and how to play them.


Red Dead Redemption 2 Mini Games

The Red Dead Redemption 2 Mini-Games List of all the activities you can participate in within the red dead universe. This guide will apply across all platforms this game is available on PC, XBOX1, and PS4.

Mini-Games Where To Find
Five-Finger Roulette  
Horseshoes ?  




Red Dead Redemption 2 BlackJack is a popular minigame within the previous game of the franchise.

Black Jack Red Dead Redemption 2

How To Play BlackJack

  • Players will have to buy into games to sit at the table and may continue to play until they’ve run out of chips or outlast everybody else.

The Rules of Blackjack

Anyone who has played blackjack knows how to play, for those who don’t no worries it one of the easier card games to play.

  • You try to have cards in your hand equal 21, or the closest you can.
  • Players will be able to receive more cards on demand and can choose when to stop.
  • The closest person to the number wins the round.


Fiver-Finger Roulette

Red Dead Redemption 2 Fiver-Finger Roulette is an old and very dangerous game. Also another returning Mini-Game previous red dead games.

Fiver-Finger Roulette Red Dead Redemption 2

How To Play Five-Finger Roulette

  • Players will have stab between their fingers with a knife, trying their best to not stab themselves. You will have to buy in similar to the other games and winner takes all.

The Rules of Five-Finger Roulette

  • Stab between your fingers, trying to avoid stabbing your actual finger.
  • The speed will increase the longer you go.
  • Each time you stab yourself you will lose Life, maximum of 5 Life.





Red Dead Redemption 2 Dominoes is making its first appearance in the franchise.

Dominoes Red Dead Redemption 2

How To Play Dominoes

  • Players will have to buy into the game just like the other Red Dead Redemption 2 Activities.

The Rules of Dominoes 

  • Players will start with 7 Pieces at the start.
  • You have to get rid of all the other player’s pieces by appropriately putting them down in the sequence in front of them.



Red Dead Redemption 2 Drinking is more of an activity with the universe than a game, still enjoyable none the less.

Drinking Red Dead Redemption 2

How To Drink in Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Players will have to locate the nearest Saloon and for the right price you to can be drunk.

Keep in mind, just as in real life your character will suffer the consequences of drinking in the realistic game.

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