Pokemon Lets Go TMs


Welcome to our Pokemon Lets Go TM’s List (Technical Machines) Guide, explaining what they do and what useful ways you can use them. Below we will detail a list of all TM’s in Let’s Go and where you can find or purchase them in game.

Pokemon Let's Go TMs



What are TMs in Pokemon Let’s Go

Pokemon Let’s Go TMs (Technical Machines) are used to teach your pokemon a New Move, these are a 1 Time Use only item.

TMs are very useful when versus a Master Trainers since you will be in a mirror match, using a TM to teach your pokemon a unique move can help you gain a type weakness advantage in the battle.


Pokemon Let’s Go TM List

This is the complete Pokemon Let’s Go TM list with details on how to find each Technical Machine. Some can be found in hidden locations, while others are simply purchasable at shops in the game.


TM Move How to Get
1 Headbutt
2 Taunt
3 Helping Hand
4 Teleport
5 Rest
7 Protect
8 Substitute
9 Reflect
10 Dig
11 Will-O-Wisp
12 Facade
13 Brick Break
14 Fly
15 Seismic Toss
16 Thunder Wave
17 Dragon Tail
18 U-turn
19 Iron Tail
20 Dark Pulse
21 Foul Play
22 Rock Slide
23 Thunder Punch
24 X-Scissor
25 Waterfall
26 Poison Jab
27 Toxic
28 Tri Attack
29 Scald
30 Bulk Up
31 Fire Punch
32 Dazzling Gleam
33 Calm Mind
34 Dragon Pulse
35 Ice Punch
36 Thunderbolt
37 Flamethrower
38 Thunder
39 Outrage
40 Psychic
41 Earthquake
42 Self-Destruct
43 Shadow Ball
44 Play Rough
45 Solar Beam
46 Fire Blast
47 Surf
48 Hyper Beam
49 Superpower
50 Roost
51 Blizzard
52 Sludge Bomb
53 Mega Drain
54 Flash Cannon
55 Ice Beam
56 Stealth Rock
57 Pay Day
58 Drill Run
59 Dream Eater
60 Megahorn

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Not sure who evolves from what? Have a look at our Evolution Chart.

Pokemon Lets Go Evolution Chart

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