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Villager Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Villager Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Villager is from the Animal Crossing Series and ranks as a D Tier Pick (Below Average). This How To Play Villager Guide details the Best Spirits to use and highest Stats. This character is in the Medium Weight Class and has a Slow Run Speed, Average Air Speed, Average Dash Speed. You unlock Villager by playing as PacMan in the VS. Game Mode.

Air Speed
Fall Speed
Run Speed
Dash Speed
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Villager Universe
Animal Crossing
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Villager Tier
D Tier
Rank: 45-48
Air Speed
Rank: 58-59
Fall Speed
Rank: 65-66
Run Speed
Rank: 72
Dash Speed
Rank: 58-64

Super Smash Blog Entry

This fighter attacks using skills from daily life in the village, such as planting, growing, and cutting down trees. They can also use items like nets, slingshots, and turnips. The Villager can also put items or incoming projectiles in a pocket to use later.

Villager Counter Matchups

The best character matchups for Villager in SSBU, the most reliable counter picks Villager is Weak Against are Palutena and Fox. However, Villager is Strong Against Ganondorf, King K. Rool, and Donkey Kong.

Weak Against

Strong Against

Villager Best Moves

Here you can view the Best Villager Moves based on Frame Startup (How fast the move is), this includes Neutral, Dash, Tilt, Smash, Aerial and Special Move Attacks.

Best Moves Frame
Nair 6
Uair 9
Usmash 12
Technique Description
Wall Jumping While touching the wall in the air, you can kick off the wall in the opposite direction by flicking L Stick away from the wall.
Lloid Rocket Ride the Lloid rocket by countinuing to hold the button after initiating Villager's side special. it can be used to return when off the stage.
Pocket Use neutral special to pocket nearby items or projectiles. Once pockted, neutral special can bring the object out again. if thrown, the object that was pockted may be stronger then before.
Balloon Trip Get balloons and float away with up special, the balloons will pop if attacked.
Final Smash Description
Dream Home A home is built around the target and it soon explodes
SSBU Villager MovesSSBU Villager Moves

All Alternate Villager Costumes in SSBU

Images of all Alternate Costumes.

SSBU Villager Alternative Costume 1SSBU Villager Alternative Costume 2SSBU Villager Alternative Costume 3SSBU Villager Alternative Costume 4SSBU Villager Alternative Costume 5SSBU Villager Alternative Costume 6SSBU Villager Alternative Costume 7SSBU Villager Alternative Costume 8

Best Spirits for Villager

These are the Best Primary and Support Spirits to use with Villager based on their Moves and playstyle.

Best Villager Spirits Spirit Name
Primary Spirit Chun-Li
Support Slot 1 Fi
Support Slot 2 Shine Sprite
Support Slot 3 Revali

Improves overall physical strength, neutral special strength, overall special attack strength and Shooting Attack strength.

You can learn more about Spirits HERE.

How To Unlock Villager In SSBU

You can Unlock Villager from playing VS. Matches, Classic Mode and World of Light Game Modes In Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

  • World of Light Unlock Method - One of the first 3 routes (World of Light)
  • Cassic Mode Unlock Method - Unlocked by Pikachu
  • VS Mode Unlock Method - Play PacMan

You can learn more about the fastest way to unlock Villager HERE.