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Samus Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Samus Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Samus is from the Metroid Series and ranks as a B Tier Pick (Good). This How To Play Samus Guide details the Best Spirits to use and highest Stats. This character is in the Class and has a Average Run Speed, Average Air Speed, Average Dash Speed. You unlock Samus by playing as Pit in the VS. Game Mode.

Air Speed
Fall Speed
Run Speed
Dash Speed
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Samus Universe
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Samus Tier
B Tier
Rank: 8-10
Air Speed
Rank: 34-36
Fall Speed
Rank: 63-64
Run Speed
Rank: 45
Dash Speed
Rank: 47-52

Super Smash Blog Entry

With her Charge Shot, Missile, and Bomb, Samus has three different projectiles to keep her opponents in check from a distance. When fully charged up, her Charge Shot is quite powerful. For her Final Smash, she launches a wide laser beam that can be moved up and down!

Samus Counter Matchups

The best character matchups for Samus in SSBU, the most reliable counter picks Samus is Weak Against are Fox and Wolf. However, Samus is Strong Against Ridley, Ganondorf, and Bowser.

Weak Against

Strong Against

Samus Best Moves

Here you can view the Best Samus Moves based on Frame Startup (How fast the move is), this includes Neutral, Dash, Tilt, Smash, Aerial and Special Move Attacks.

Best Moves Frame
UpB 4
Uair 8
Nair, Zair, Usmash 11
Technique Description
Storing Your Charge Some fighters have special moves that can be charged up. a fully charged special move will deal some serious damage! If you use your shield while charging you can store the charged attack.
Edge Grapping If you hit the edge of a platform with some moves, you can dangle from the edge. Once dangling, press the attack button to hoist yourself up and grab the edge. This can also be done by tilting L Stick up.
Wall Jumping While touching the wall in the air, you can kick off the wall in the opposite direction by flicking L Stick away from the wall.
Final Smash Description
Zero Laser charges her arm cannon and fires a large beam of energy that deals 40% to 78% damage
SSBU Samus Moves

All Alternate Samus Costumes in SSBU

Images of all Alternate Costumes.

SSBU Samus Alternative Costume 1SSBU Samus Alternative Costume 2SSBU Samus Alternative Costume 3SSBU Samus Alternative Costume 4SSBU Samus Alternative Costume 5SSBU Samus Alternative Costume 6SSBU Samus Alternative Costume 7SSBU Samus Alternative Costume 8

Best Spirits for Samus

These are the Best Primary and Support Spirits to use with Samus based on their Moves and playstyle.

Best Samus Spirits Spirit Name
Primary Spirit Isaac (Dark Dawn)
Support Slot 1 Chozo Statue
Support Slot 2 Fi
Support Slot 3 Weezing

Improves energy attacks and defense, fire attacks, and neutral special power.

You can learn more about Spirits HERE.

How To Unlock Samus In SSBU

You can Unlock Samus from playing VS. Matches, Classic Mode and World of Light Game Modes In Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

  • World of Light Unlock Method - Temple of Light (World of Light)
  • Cassic Mode Unlock Method - Original 8
  • VS Mode Unlock Method - Play Pit

You can learn more about the fastest way to unlock Samus HERE.