SSBM Tier List

Welcome to our in-depth Super Smash Bros Melee Tier List, we have lots of information to get you started and up to speed on how to pick and play like a pro. Melee Character Rankings, Pro Player techniques, and strategies and even a TOP 5 list of the Best Smash Players. You can also find updates regarding the new Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros Melee HD game.

Super Smash Bros Melee Tier List


Super Smash Bros Melee Tier List

Super Smash Bros Melee Character Rankings, The Best SSBM Characters to play based on Pro Player Stats and Community Panels.

SS & S Tier = The Best Smash Characters.

A Tier = Among the Best and Viable Pro Play Characters.

B & C & D Tier = Certainly still effective, however, not favored in Pro Play.

E & F Tier = The Weakest Smash Characters.

SSBM Tier List


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Smash Pro Player Techniques and Strategies

An Air Dodge (AKA Sidestepping in Air) is a technique that gives temporary Intangibility Frames while in Air.

Super Smash Bros Air Dodge


A Sidestep also known as Dodging renders a character Intangible for a limited amount of frames. Depending on the character found within this Super Smash Bros Melee Tier List, the number of frames will vary.

Super Smash Bros Sidestep


A tech, sometimes referred to as breaking your fall. Performing a Standard, Rolling, Wall, Ledge and Ceiling Tech will grant the character a brief moment of invincibility. The tech action can be performed when a character hits the ground, a wall, or a ceiling.

  • How To Tech – The player must press the shield button  or  20 frames or fewer before hitting a surface.
  • Teching – If you press   or  while performing a floor tech, your character will roll in the direction you choose.

There are multiple ways smash characters can become Invincible or Intangible. One example is performing an Air Dodge granting a character an average of 26 frames of intangibility.

  • Invincibility – A state during which a character cannot be attacked or damaged by an attacking opponent (Attackers Suffer Will From HitLag).
  • Intangibility – A state which characters will not be hit, normally with Invincibility Frames the damage and knockbacks would be canceled. however, with Intangibility it simply won’t hit at all. (Attackers will NOT Suffer HitLag).

Freeze Frames sometimes referred to as HitLag or Impact Stall happens when a character will freeze for a brief period of time after connecting an attack.

  • HitLag affects attacking characters even if no damage is dealt, an example being attacking an opponent during invincibility frames.

Edge-Hoggin is a strategy where a character holds onto the ledge so the recovering opponent cannot grab it.

  • WaveDash + Edge-Hoggin – Typically players will Wavedash near the edge, in turn, sliding off the stage and quickly grabbing the edge.
  • Did You Know? – Grabbing the Edge will grant Invincibility Frames to avoid being hit by the opponents recovery moves.

Super Smash Bros Edge Hoggin

TOP 5 Best Super Smash Bros Melee Players

It seems only fitting that we showcase some of the Best Pro Player talent in SSBM. Since a majority of what made this Super Smash Bros Melee Tier List was based on statistics from tournament play. Pro Players tend to main the best melee characters and in some cases main multiple characters.

 #5 Leffen

  • Name: William Hjelte
  • Age: 22
  • Country: Sweden
  • Main Characters: Fox

 #4 Mew2King

  • Name: Jason Zimmerman
  • Age: 27
  • Country: USA
  • Main Characters: Sheik | Marth | Fox

 #3 Mango

  • Name: Joseph Marquez
  • Age: 25
  • Country: USA
  • Main Characters: Fox | Falco

 #2 Hungrybox

  • Name: Juan Manuel Debiedma
  • Age: 23
  • Country: USA
  • Main Characters: Jigglypuff

 #1 Armada

  • Name: Adam Lindgren
  • Age: 23
  • Country: Sweden
  • Main Characters: Fox | Peach

Top 25 Melee Pro Player List

Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros Melee HD Update

Currently, the rumors are that this HD Update of the game will likely be released via Virtual Console. However, there is still the likely chance that Melee HD will be released in a similar fashion to the Zelda Wind Waker HD.

  • Super Smash Bros Melee HD Release Date: TBD

Features We Need.

  • Online Play
  • Smooth 60 frames
  • Free of Input Lag Via Controllers

Super Smash Bros Melee HD