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Blox Fruits Tushita Moves List

List of all Tushita Moves and their details such as Mastery Level Unlock, Tier Rank, etc.

Key Move Mastery Tier Rank
ZHeavenly Lunges150
XCelestial Ravager300

Blox Fruits How To Get Tushita

Information on how to get the Tushita Sword in Blox Fruits.

  1. Obtained by finding the secret entrance located by the first left pillar at the entrance within the Yama cave Location.
  2. Inside this area you will find a large white glowing door (Lv. Req 2000).
  3. Interact with the door, after that you will need to find 5 torches and light them within a 5 minute time limit.
  4. After you complete that task, you can defeat Longma Boss and it will drop the Tushita.

Blox Fruits Tushita Combos

We are currently working on Tushita Combos.