Mecha Zero Sion | Legendary LoL Skin

Mecha Zero Sion Skin is a Legendary LoL Skin, with some awesome animations. With most Legendary Skins, this Sion Skin and filled with everything you have come to expect. Almost everything is unique about this Legendary Sion Skin, including the Voice over. Sion W now visually changes color, this will better help indicate when the shield will explode. Below we go into detail of all the Mecha Zero Sion Skin Features.

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sion Skin

The Mecha Zero Sion Skin like most Legendary Skins, is one of many features. Possibly the most notable of which, is Sion ability to transform into a train during his Ultimate (R).


Another great Mecha Zero Sion Skin animation, is the recall transform animation.


Mecha Zero Sion Skin


  • Skin Type: Legendary | 1820 RP
  • Visual: Model | Spells/Ability
  • Animations: Taunt | Recall | Dance | Death
  • Sound/Voice: Voice Over | Sound Effect | Dialogue



Custom Animation can include one or more of the following:

  • Taunt Animation
  • Recall Animation
  • Dance Animation
  • Laugh Animation
  • Death Animation

Voice | Sound

Custom Voice can include one or more of the following:

  • Voice Change
  • Dialogue Change
  • Sound Effect Change


Visual Changes can include one or more of the following:

  • Visual Change
  • Spell/Ability Visual Change

LoL Skin Tiers

The different types of LoL Champion Skins available.

  • Basic: 750 RP • 10-20% of the skins released
  • Regular: 975 RP • 50-75% of the skins released
  • Quality: 1350 RP • 7-15% of the skins released
  • Legendary: 1820 RP • 6-10% of the skins released
  • Ultimate: 3250 RP • 2-4% of the skins released

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