LMS Spring Split 2016

LMS Spring Split 2016 Esports. Pro LMS Players Champion Picks & Bans, LMS Team Power Rankings. Listed in a League of Legends Tier List Format and complete with the Best Performing LMS LoL Players currently. Stay Up-To-Date with the strongest LMS Teams and Players in LoL Esports.
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LMS Spring Split 2016

LMS Spring Split 2016

LMS Master Series will Host Teams from Taiwan, Macao & Hong Kong.

Each Team will versus each other 3 Times for a Total of 84 Games.
Each Match is a BO1.
1st-2nd-3rd-4th Place Teams Advance to Playoffs.
5th-6th-7th-8th Place Teams will Drop into Promotions for Next Season.

Playoffs are Single Elimination
Playoffs Matches
are BO5

LMS Champion Picks & Bans

LMS Champion Picks and Bans, The Best Champions being used right now in LMS. We also included some of the Weakest Champion to ever be used in LMS for good measure. Along with Team Comp specific Champions and highly favored Counter Pick Champions.

Spring Split

LMS Champion Bans

LMS Most Banned Champions, Champion within this Tier are almost always banned due to there effectiveness in competitive LMS play. Some Champions did not make it in this tier since they were only ban due to a single player champion pool.

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LMS God Tier Champion Picks

LMS Most Played Champions, LMS Pro Players will almost always pick these Champions. God Tier Champion Picks are the most reliable choices in LMS at the moment, Since they are the Best Champion Picks they will be banned most games.

[table id=53 /]

LMS Tier 1 Champion Picks

LMS Comfort Pick/Team Composition Champions, Tier 1 Champion Picks for the most part are Preference/Counter Picks Champion Choices in LMS. Most of these Champion will only be used based on 3 things, LMS Players Champion Pool or as a Safe Pick/Blind Pick. Lastly these Champion Picks are often used for Team Comps, this can make a Tier 1 Champion with the right Team Comp as strong as God Tier Champion.

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LMS Tier 2 (RIP) Champion Picks

LMS Rest in Peace/Please Buff Champions, Tier 2 Champion Picks have been played at least once in LMS. Due to poor Performance these Champions will not be picked again until the lol Meta is in there favor or this specific Champion Receives a Buff.

[table id=55 /]

LMS Power Rankings

Want know who the Best LMS Teams are?

This Esports Power Ranking list all LMS Teams from Best to the Worst. LMS Teams Power Rankings are based on a Teams Overall Performance and the individual Performance of some of there Star Players. a LMS Team overall performance will include how well they play together and there synergy/play style as a Pro LMS Team.

Use these LMS Power Ranking to quickly find out how all the LMS Team stack up against each other. as well who are the most favored to make it into Worlds this Year.


LoL Teams Participating in LMS Spring Split 2016 Left to Right:

Midnight SunTaipei AssassinsMachiahq e-SportsHong Kong EsportsFlash WolveseXtreme GamersCOUGAR E-Sports

 God Tier

These are among the Best Teams in LMS and will be winning the majority of the Games this Split.

Tier 1

These LMS Teams are Strong however they are not the best in there respective Region.


Tier 2

Average LMS Teams with these LMS Teams is could go either way win or lose.


Tier 3

The Worst LMS Teams, These Teams are expected to lose almost every game this Split in the LMS.



Its hard to rank a Brand New LMS Team until we see how well they will compete in the LMS Split this Year.

LMS Player Rankings

Want to know who the Best Individual LMS Players are?

LMS is known widely for the flashy Star players, such WestDoor who is currently regarded as one of the best Mid Lane Players in the whole World. It helps that from this region we received our Season 2 World Champions TPA, However the Roster has long since changed and even some players have retired since then. This year LMS is looking stronger then ever and intends to be one of the strongest regions this Season in League of Legends.

TOP 3 LMS Spring Split Players

LMS LoL Players you should Draft Pick in your Fantasy LCS • Vulcun Draft • Draft Kings • Alpha Draft

Top Lane Tier List TOP 3 Top Lane LMS Players


Chen “Ziv” Yi (陳奕) Twahq-E-Sports-Club


Chen “Morning” Kuan Ting TwTaipei-Assassins


Yang “MapleSnow” Yu-Wei (楊育瑋) TwHong-Kong-Esports

Jungle Tier List TOP 3 Jungle LMS Players


Chen “REFRA1N” Kuan-Ting (陳冠廷) TwTaipei-Assassins


Xue “DinTer” Hong-Wei TwHong-Kong-Esports


Xue “Mountain” Zhao-Hong (薛兆鴻) Twahq-E-Sports-Club

Mid Lane Tier List TOP 3 Mid Lane LMS Players


Gong “Chillyz” Nok Hin (江諾軒) HkHong-Kong-Esports


Wong “Chawy” Xing Lei Twahq-E-Sports-Club


Liu “Westdoor” Shu-Wei (劉書瑋) Twahq-E-Sports-Club

ADC Tier List TOP 3 ADC LMS Players


Cheng “bebe” Bo-Wei TwTaipei-Assassins


Chou “An” Chun An Twahq-E-Sports-Club


Chen “Dee” Jun-Dee TwMachi

Support Tier List TOP 3 Support LMS Players


Kim “Olleh” Joo-sung (김주성) South KoreaHong-Kong-Esports


Kang “Albis” Chia-Wei (康家維) Twahq-E-Sports-Club


Li “Jay” Chieh (李杰) TwTaipei-Assassins

LMS Spring Split 2016 Schedule

When Does LMS Start and how long will it last for? LMS Spring Split will use a Round Robin Format and is expected to last around 9 Weeks. Near the end of the Spring Split in LMS, the highest rank LMS Team will compete in the LMS Spring Playoffs. The LMS Team that takes first place in the Playoffs will the be the First Place Team for the LMS Spring Split this Year.

After LMS Spring Playoffs is complete, The Summer Promotion Challenger Series will begin for Participating LMS Challenger Teams.

Start Date: January 15th 2016


End Date: TBD

Playoffs: TBD