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LoL TFT Negatron Cloak

Teamfight Tactics Negatron Cloak

LoL Teamfight Tactics Negatron Cloak when equipped +20 Magic Resist. This item can build into Bloodthirster, Cursed Blade, Dragon's Claw, Hush, Ionic Spark, Sword Breaker, Zephyr, Runaan's Hurricane and is good with Noble Origin.

  • Negatron Cloak +20 Magic Resist.

What does Negatron Cloak build into? Item combinations are as follows:

LoL Champions Good With TFT Negatron Cloak

The LoL TFT Negatron Cloak is good with the following champions:

  • Noble grants +50 Armor +50 Magic Resist and 25 Health Per Hit.
  • (3) 1 Random ally +50 Armor +50 Magic Resist and 25 health per hit.
  • (6) All allies +50 Armor +50 Magic Resist and 25 health per hit.
  • Good With Noble Buff Stats

    • Yordle
    • Guardian
    • Dragon
  • At the start of combat, all Guardians and adjacent allies receive armor.
  • (2) Allies adjacent a Guardian Unit receive armor +35 Armor
  • Good With Guardian Buff Stats

    • Ranger
    • Knight
  • Knights ignore damage from all sourcers.
  • (2) Knights Ignore 15 Damage from all sources
  • (4) Knights Ignore 35 Damage from all sources
  • (6) Knights Ignore 65 Damage from all sources
  • Good With Knight Buff Stats

    • Noble
    • Assassin

      What TFT Items To Use With Negatron Cloak

      We recommend using these Items With TFT Negatron Cloak.

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