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LoL TFT B.F. Sword

Teamfight Tactics B.F. Sword

LoL Teamfight Tactics B.F. Sword when equipped +15 Attack Damage. This item can build into Guardian Angel, Hextech Gunblade, Spear of Shojin, Sword of the Divine, Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge, Youmuu's Ghostblade, Zeke's Herald and is good with Ranger Class.

  • B.F. Sword +15 Attack Damage.

What does B.F. Sword build into? Item combinations are as follows:

LoL Champions Good With TFT B.F. Sword

The LoL TFT B.F. Sword is good with the following champions:

  • Rangers every 3 seconds have a chance to double their attack speed when attacking for the next 3 seconds.
  • (2) Rangers have a 30% Chance to Double Attack Speed
  • (4) Rangers have a 65% Chance to Double Attack Speed
  • (6) Rangers have a 100% Chance to Double Attack Speed
  • Good With Ranger Buff Stats

    • Glacial
    • Guardian
  • Assassins leap to the farthest enemy at the start of combat. Assassins deal bonus Critical Strike Damage.
  • (3) Assassins 75% Crit Damage & 10% Crit Chance
  • (6) Assassins 150% Crit Damage & 25% Crit Chance
  • (9) Assassins 225% Crit Damage & 40% Crit Chance
  • Good With Assassin Buff Stats

    • Void
    • Ninja
  • Blademasters have a 40% chance to strike additional times each attack.
  • (2) Blademasters strike 1 additional attack
  • (4) Blademasters strike 2 additional attacks
  • (6) Blademasters strike 3 additional attacks
  • Good With Blademaster Buff Stats

    • Wild
  • Attacks generate stacks of Fury (stacks up to 5 times) with every attack. Each stack of Fury gives 12% Attack Speed.
  • (2) Wild allies only gain 10% Attack Speed (stacks up to 5 times)
  • (4) All allies gain 10% Attack Speed (stacks up to 5 times)
  • Good With Wild Buff Stats

    • Demon
    • Glacial
    • Ranger
    • Gunslinger
    • Shapeshifter

      What TFT Items To Use With B.F. Sword

      We recommend using these Items With TFT B.F. Sword.

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