League of Legends Teamfight Tactics Origins

Welcome to our League of Legends Teamfight Tactics Origin Synergy Guide For Patch 13.4, here we rank the strongest Origins in TFT. We also included each Origin and their Synergy Buff you will receive from having more than 1 champion of the same origin on the board. You can click the links to the champions to learn more about their ability and stats.

League of Legends Teamfight Tactics Origin Synergy Tier List

LoL Teamfight Tactics Best Origins

The Teamfight Tactics Best Origins in patch 13.4 is based on how popular that origin is in the current TFT meta, we also considered its viability within multiple builds. If a champion can fit into almost any build with success it will likely rank higher within our tier list.

Teamfight Tactics Origin List

The Teamfight Tactics Class List of Buffs is gained from combining multiple champions of the same Origin, For Example, 2 Demons (Brand, Morgana) on the chess board will give you a Mana Burn effect. Choosing certain Class and Origin Synergy is how you begin to build a strong team comp.

  • Shadow Units deal increased damage for 5 seconds at combat start, Refreshes on takedown.
  • (2) 50% Increased Damage, Self Takedown Refresh
  • (4) 100% Increased Damage, any Shadow Takedown Refresh
  • Good With Shadow Buff Stats

    • All allies gain dodge chance
    • (2) 20% Dodge Chance
    • (3) 35% Dodge Chance
    • (4) 50% Dodge Chance
    • Good With Cloud Buff Stats

      • Crystal Champions Gain a maxiumum amount of damage you can take from a single hit.
      • (2) 100 Max Damage
      • (4) 60 Max Damage
      • Good With Crystal Buff Stats

        • Basic Attacks from Glacial have a chance to stun their target for 1.5 seconds
        • (2) 20% Chance to Stun
        • (4) 40% Chance to Stun
        • (6) 60% Chance to Stun
        • Good With Glacial Buff Stats

          • Wild
          • Ranger


        • Reduces each enemy's armor
        • (2) 50% Armor Reduction
        • (4) 90% Armor Reduction
        • Good With Desert Buff Stats

          • When a Light champion dies, all other Light champions gain attack speed and are healed for 20% of their Maximum Health
          • (3) 10% Attack Speed
          • (6) 25% Attack Speed
          • (9) 50% Attack Speed
          • Good With Light Buff Stats

            • Poison champions Apply neurotoxin when you deal damage.
            • (3) Increase the target's mana cost by 50%
            • Good With Poison Buff Stats

              • Steel champions gain damage immunity for a few seconds when they are reduced below 50% max Health.
              • (2) 2 Seconds of Immunity
              • (3) 3 Seconds of Immunity
              • (4) 4 Seconds of Immunity
              • Good With Steel Buff Stats

                • Inferno Spell damage burns the ground beneath the target, dealing a percent of that spell's Pre-mitigation damage as magic damage over 5 seconds.
                • (3) 80% Damage
                • (6) 175% Damage
                • (9) 275% Damage
                • Good With Inferno Buff Stats

                  • At the start of combat, a random ally gains a Stoneshield
                  • (2) 1500 Damage Stoneshield
                  • Good With Mountain Buff Stats

                    • All allies restore mana every 4 seconds
                    • (2) 10 Mana Per 4 Seconds
                    • (4) 20 Mana Per 4 Seconds
                    • (6) 40 Mana Per 4 Seconds
                    • Good With Ocean Buff Stats

                      • Start of combat create a copy of a Forest Champion
                      • (3) Create a copy of Random Forest Champion
                      • Good With Woodland Buff Stats

                        • Electric Shock nearby enemies whenever they deal or receive a critical strike.
                        • (2) 60 Damage
                        • (3) 200 Damage
                        • (4) 500 Damage
                        • Good With Electric Buff Stats


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