League of Legends Teamfight Tactics Assassin

Welcome to our League of Legends Teamfight Tactics Assassin List of champions as of Patch 13.4, here we will list the Class Buff, Champions who share the same Class and even the Best Items to use with this class type. Remember you can click/tap any champion image to view even more information about them.

LOL TFT Assassin

LoL TFT Assassin Champions

List of all TFT Assassin Champions and their buff synergy which allows them to jump too far away enemies and deal critical strike damage.

  • Assassins leap to the farthest enemy at the start of combat. Assassins deal bonus Critical Strike Damage.
  • (3) Assassins 75% Crit Damage & 10% Crit Chance
  • (6) Assassins 150% Crit Damage & 25% Crit Chance
  • (9) Assassins 225% Crit Damage & 40% Crit Chance
  • Good With Assassin Buff Stats

    • Void
    • Ninja

    TFT Assassin Team Comp Build

    We recommend using these LoL TFT Assassin Team Comp Builds as we consider them to be among the strongest currently. We also provide the item builds for each champion and the recipe of what it takes to make the assassin items.

    Best Assassin Team Comp Builds Updated as of Patch 13.4

    LOL TFT Assassin
    Assassin, Void, Wild

    A well balanced and strong comp, you will make great use of the Void Armor Pen and Wild Attack Speed. This build also has the ability to shift to an Elementalist late game if needed.

    3 Assassin + Void + Wild Team Comp Build

    LOL TFT Assassin
    6 Assassin, Void, Brawler

    Players will find it hard to get 6 assassin, on top of getting them upgraded to level 2. If you do manage to get all 6 then you will hit a huge powerspike in the form of 350% critical strike damage bonus.

    6 Assassin + Void Team Comp Build
    Early Game
    Level 1 - 4
    Mid Game
    Level 5 - 7
    Late Game
    Level 8 - 9
    Best Items For 6 Assassin + Void Team Comp
    Carry Champions

    Primarily a Demon and Imperial Team Comp Build with a unit build of 9 champions and 3 bonus buff synergies in total.

    • 1 With exactly 1 Ninja, it gains +50% Attack Damage and Ability Power.
    • 2 40% Chance on Hit to Burn 20 Mana and Restore 15 Mana to the Attacker
    • 2 1 Random Imperial deals double damage


    LOL TFT Assassin
    Assassin, Void, Ninja

    This Assassin Team Comp packs a punch thanks the bonus Attack Damage from Ninja. Combine that with the Crit Strike Bonus and you will see champions disappear on the enemies board. Armor? no problem void gots you covered and if they have pesky Yordles then make sure to build Rapid Firecannon.

    List of the Best Items for Assassin In TFT.

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