Lunar Revel

Welcome to the League of Legends Lunar Revel Event, during this holiday Riot has a special event for players. This time you will be able to purchase Legacy Skins, Unlock Summoner Icons and even have access to some new Crafting Items called Relics.

Using these Crafting Relics you will be able to earn Skin Shard and Permanent Skins and have yet another chance at purchasing tons of Legacy Skins. Below we will explain in detail how you can unlock the icons this season and the different type of crafting combinations available.

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Lunar Revel Icons

Every LoL Holiday Event players are eligible to unlock Lunar Revel summoner icons. Some of these icons are acquired through skin purchases, while others you can simply get for free by visiting the promo site. below we will explain how to unlock all of the Icons this year.

Purchasable Icons

Jade Emperor Icon Jade Warrior Icon | Jade Demon Icon | Year of the Rooster Icon

LoL Lunar Revel Summoner Icons

All Four of these Lunar Revel Icons are purchasable VIA the Riot Shop.
Available until February 2, 2017.

Cost: 250 RP Each

Type: Legacy

Free Icons

Mark of Fortune Icon

Lunar Revel Summoner Icon

  • How To Unlock: Visit Riot Promotional Site [NA / EUW / EUNE / LAN / LAS / BR / JP / RU / TR / OCE]
  • Claim your Free Summoner Icon before February 2, 2017.

Lunar Revel Ward Skin

Crest of the Rooster Ward Skin

Lunar Revel Ward Skin

Available until February 2, 2017.

Cost: 640 RP

Type: Legacy

Twisted Treeline SPR

Lunar Revel Crafting

During this LoL Event, players can purchase Red Envelope for 250 RP.

What Do I Get In Lunar Revel Red Envelope?
Lunar Revel Envelope
Cost: 250 RP

The contents you will receive in the Lunar Revel Envelope:

  • Skin Shard
  • 1 Random Lunar Revel Relic

Lunar Revel Crafting Items

Players will receive 3 different types of Lunar Revel Relics from the Red Envelope purchase via Riot Shop.

Lunar Revel Crafting Items

  • Golden Relic
  • Pauldron Relic
  • Gauntlet Relic

Note: Lunar Revel Crafting Items (Relics) expire on February 2, 2017.

Lunar Revel Crafting Recipes

There are many Crafting combinations player can use to craft different rewards.

Lunar Revel Crafting

  • 3x Pauldron Relic = Epic Skin Shard
  • 4x Gauntlet Relic = Random Skin Permanent
  • 5x Golden Relic = Gemstone
  • 3x Any Random Relics = Hextech Chest + Key

Lunar Revel Skins

This Riot Holiday Events players will have a chance to purchase retired last Season Legacy Skins. Along with some newly release seasonal Champion Lunar Revel Skins. Below we have a List of the available Champion Skins for purchase VIA Riot Shop

This Seasonal Event there are 3 new skins to celebrate the holiday.

Lunar Revel Skins

  • Warring Kingdoms Azir
  • Warring Kingdoms Garen
  • Warring Kingdoms Vi

Along with the new skins, there will be a bunch of returning Skins this season.

  • Dragon Fist Lee Sin
  • Guqin Sona
  • Dragonblade Talon
  • Jade Dragon Wukong
  • Panda Annie
  • Jade Fang Cassiopeia
  • Dragonwing Corki
  • Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV
  • Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao
  • Lunar Goddess Diana
  • Dragonblade Riven
  • Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere
  • Firecracker Jinx
  • Warring Kingdoms Katarina
  • Warring Kingdoms Nidalee
  • Lunar Wraith Caitlyn
  • Lunar Wraith Morgana
  • Radiant Wukong

Ward Skins

Lunar Revel Ward Skins

  • Lantern of the Serpent Ward (Legacy)
  • Banner of the Serpent Ward (Legacy)
  • Banner of the Horse Ward (Legacy)
  • Gong Ward (Legacy)
  • Firecracker Ward
  • Rising Dawn Ward (Legacy)