League of Legends Little Legends

Everything you need to know about League of Legends Little Legends, here we explain what they are and how you use these LLs in Teamfight Tactics Game Mode. We also walk you through the levelling process for Rare Egg (490 RP) Skin Variants for each species of Little Legend.

LoL Little Legends

What are Little Legends? – LLs for short are avatars that are controlled in the new Teamfight Tactics Game Mode. You can obtain Skin Variants of each type of little legend and even level them up increasing their animation effects.

(SkinSpotlights has a great video showcasing the difference in the Skin Variant Levels.)

Series 1 Egg:

  • Legendary (5% drop rate, 30% chance for double drop)
  • Epic (20% drop rate)
  • Rare (75% drop rate)

Series 2 Egg:

  • Legendary (5% drop rate, 30% chance for double drop)
  • Epic (20% drop rate)
  • Rare (75% drop rate)

Rare Egg:

  • Legendary (5% drop rate)
  • Epic (20% drop rate)
  • Rare (75% drop rate)

List of Little Legends RP Purchases Available

  •  10 + 1 Little Legends Series 1 Rare Eggs 4900RP 
  •  10 + 1 Little Legends Series 2 Rare Eggs | 4900RP 
  •  Little Legends Series 1 | 490RP 
  •  Little Legends Series 2 | 490RP 
  •  Demacian Silverwing Egg + Icon | 750RP
  •  Molten Furyhorn Egg + Icon | 750RP
  •  Soft-Nosed Molediver Egg + Icon | 750RP
  •  Shadow Isles Hauntling Egg + Icon| 750RP
  •  Sentinel Runespirit Egg + Icon | 750RP
  •  Pengu Feather Knight Egg + Icon | 750RP

Haunting Skin Variants


Silverwing Skin Variants

Furyhorn Skin Variants

Runespirit Skin Variants

Molediver Skin Variants

FeatherKnight Skin Variants



Little Legends Skins

Players can choose from a variety of Little Legends Species to use as their avatar while playing the Teamfight Tactics Game Mode. Purchasing Rare Eggs Microtransaction (490 RP) you can unlock Skin Variants of that same specices, getting a copy of a Skin Variant will be used to level up and change the look of the Little Legend Skins.


How To Level Up Little Legends Skin Variants for the Teamfight Tactics

  • Step 1 | Use your one-time-only Free Legend and pick a Species of Little Legend (Additional Purchases will cost 750 RP)
  • Step 2 | Purchase Rare Eggs to Unlock LL Skins (490 RP), every time you get the same Little Legend Skin Variant it will Level Up (This Powers Up the Model and adds Visual Effects)
  • Step 3 | After you have reached Level 3 which is the Max Level, you will no longer receive that Skin Variant in Rare Eggs. (This allows you to start levelling up your other LLs)

Little Legends will also join you on the Howling Abyss, where they’ll cheer you on from the sidelines while you battle.

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