League of Legends Doran's Shield

League of Legends Doran's Shield is a Starter item that costs Gold. This item is 95.41% gold efficient based on its 80 Health Stats. You will see Doran's Shield often built on Top Lane & Support champions.

League of Legends Doran's Shield

Doran's Shield Guide

Tank Item

Starter Tier

Doran's Shield Stats and Effects

What does Doran's Shield do?

Item StatsItem Effects
Doran's Shield LoL Doran's Shield
+ 80 Health
Unique - FOCUS: Basic attacks deal 5 bonus physical damage on-hit against minions.
Unique - RECOVERY: Restores 6 health every 5 seconds.
Unique - OUTLAST: After taking damage from a champion, large monster or epic monster, gain health regeneration equal to 0 - 40 (based on current missing health) health over 8 seconds. Reduced to 66% effectiveness on ranged champions or when triggered by AoE, DoT or proc effects.

LoL Doran's Shield Builds

What champions build Doran's Shield in LoL?


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