League of Legends Wild Rift Ranking System

Information on the League of Legends Wild Rift Ranking System and how it works. We also display the Newest Rank added to Wild Rift called Emerald, which sits between Platinum and Diamond.


How To Rank Up in LoL Wild Rift:

  • You will need to earn a specific amount of Ranked Marks to rank up each division.
  • You will earn Ranked Marks by winning games; you will also lose them by losing the game.

What’s New in Wild Rift Ranking System?

  • Players will earn Ranked Fortitude, and this will protect you from losses.
  • Diamond, Master, Grand Master, and Challenger Ranks use Victory Points instead of Ranked Marks.
  • Wild Rift Ranked Mode DOES NOT have bans currently (Riot plans to add the ban system later as more Unreleased Champions become available.)
  • Goodbye Solo and Flex Queue, there is only one Ranked Queue in Wild Rift, and you can Solo, Duo, Trio Queue with friends in it.


LoL Wild Rift Ranks

In Wild Rift, there are a total of 10 Ranks players can progress to. Each Rank is expected to reward players with unique Season Rewards at the end of the Season.

Each Ranking will have multiple Divisions you will need to proceed before you Rank Up and achieve the next Rank in Wild Rift.

How Do Placement Matches Work in Wild Rift?

  • You will need to complete 10 Placement Games.
  • You will be given a Rank after your First Placement Match.
  • Wins will reward players with 2 Ranked Marks.
  • There is no penalty for Losing Games during the Placement Phase.

How Do Promotion Series Work in Wild Rift?

  • Iron – Bronze | Require 2 Wins
  • Silver – Diamond | Require 3 Wins
  • Master – Challenger | No Promotions Series

League of Legends Wild Rift Ranked Queue Rankings

  • Iron IV – III – II – I
    (2 Marks to Rank Up)
  • Bronze IV – III – II – I
    (3 Marks to Rank Up)
  • Silver IV – III – II – I
    (3 Marks to Rank Up)
  • Gold IV – III – II – I
    ( 4 Marks to Rank Up)
  • Platinum IV – III – II – I
    (4 Marks to Rank Up)
  • Emerald-Rank Emerald (NEW) IV – III – II – I
    (5 Marks to Rank Up)
  • Diamond – Victory Points
    (100 Points to Rank Up)
  • Master – Victory Points
  • Grand Master – Victory Points
  • Challenger – Victory Points

How Does Ranked Fortitude Work in Wild Rift?

When you have enough Ranked Fortitude (Cap Amount or Half-way Mark), you will receive a bonus playing in Ranked Mode.

  • Losing a Game with Half or Full Ranked Fortitude will Prevent the Lose.
  • Winning a Game with Ranked Fortitude Cap will reward you with 2 Ranked Marks, instead of 1.

How Do I Earn Ranked Fortitude in Wild Rift?

  • Maintaining Win Streaks.
  • Playing Well.
  • Not AFKing when a Teammates AFKs.
Tier Fortitude Cap Fortitude
Iron 200 100
Bronze 300 150
Silver 400 200
Gold 600 300
Platinum 800 400
Emerald 1000 500

Note: After Emerald Rank is Diamond, where the Ranked System switches to Victory Points (VP), this system does not use Ranked Fortitude. (You can learn more about Ranked Fortitude on RIOTs FAQ.)


If you have even more questions about the Wild Rift Ranking System, you can visit RIOT’s Ranked FAQ that will have more information.