League of Legends Wild Rift Dragon and Baron Buffs

Below we explain what Buffs and effects your team will receive from killing the Rift Herald, Baron Nasher, Ocean Drake, Infernal Drake, Mountain Drake, Cloud Drake, and even the Elder Drake in Wild Rift. We also explain what buffs you can obtain from Jungle Monster Camps in wild rift. These Epic Monster objective Buffs will work slightly differently than the regular PC versions of the game.


What do dragons do in Wild Rift?

There is 8 Dragons total in Wild Rift; early in the game 4 (OceanInfernalMountainCloud), Dragons each have a random chance to spawn and, when slain by your team, you and your teammates will receive a permanent buff. After players have slain at least 4 Elemental Dragons, the game will begin to spawn Elemental Elder Dragons, which grants even stronger buffs.

  • First Dragon Spawns at 4:00
  • Non-Epic Monsters (Regular Jungle Camps) Spawn at 0:20
Dragon Buff Effects
Grants 6% of maximum health as a shield after 5 seconds of not taking damage.
Grants 7.5bonus movement speed, doubled to 15% when out-of-combat.
Grants 8% Physical Vamp and Magical Vamp.
Grants 8% increased damage.
Elder Mountain
Grants 9% of maximum health as a shield after 5 seconds of not taking damage.
Elder Cloud
Grants 11.25% bonus movement speed, doubled to 22.5% when out-of-combat.
Elder Ocean
Grants 12% Physical Vamp and Magical Vamp.
Elder Infernal
Grants 12% increased damage.
Elder Bonus Buff
Attacks burn enemies dealing true damage.

What does Baron Nasher and Rift Herald do in Wild Rift?

The Rift Herald and Baron Nasher are used to speed up the game, and when using the Rift Herald, players can destroy enemy tower early in the game. Baron Nasher Buff allows players to push into the enemy base and destroy the enemy nexus with powered up lane minions.

  • Rift Herald Spawns at 6:00 (Can only be slain ONCE)
  • Baron Nasher Spawns at 10:00
Monsters Buff Effects
After slaying the Baron Nasher, all alive ally champions will receive the Hand Baron Buff which will empower ally lane minions. They will also receive Empowered Recall Buff.
Rift Herald
The Rift Herald will drop an Eye of the Herald buff, which can be picked up and used to summon the Rift Herald to ram enemy Tower within Range.

Jungle Buffs in Wild Rift?

In Wild Rift, each jungle has two buffs that can be obtained from slaying the Red Brambleback (Crest of Cinders) and the Blue Sentinel (Crest of Insight) found within your jungle and the enemy’s jungle. When a champion is slain with Jungle Buffs, the buff will refresh and transfer to the killer.

  • Jungle Monsters Spawn at 0:20
  • River Scuttle Spawns at 1:27
  • After being slain the Red Brambleback will Respawn in 150 Seconds (2mins and 30 Secs)
  • After being slain the Blue Sentinel will Respawn in 150 Seconds (2mins and 30 Secs)
  • Regular Jungle Monster Camps will Respawn in 90 Seconds (1 min and 30 secs)
Jungle Buff Effects
Red_Brambleback Wild RiftCrest_of_Cinders_buff Wild Rift
Crest of Cinders Buff: Basic attacks against non-turret units  slow by 10 / 15 / 25% (based on level) (percentage halved to 5 / 7.5 / 12.5% when the basic attack is ranged) for 3 seconds, and burns the target for 12 − 114 (based on level)  true damage, applied in 3 ticks over 2 seconds.
Blue_Sentinel Wilf RiftCrest_of_Insight_buff Wild Rift
Rift Herald
Blue Sentinel Buff:
PASSIVE: Grants 10% cooldown reduction.
If your champion uses mana, restores 5 mana plus 1% of maximum mana per second.
If your champion uses energy, instead restores 5 energy plus 1% of maximum energy per second.
A champion will also regenerate Health while out of combat with this buff.
Rift_Scuttler Wild Rift
Rift Herald
Speed Shrine Map Buff: After slaying the Rift Scuttler, a Speed Shrine will spawn in the middle of the River. Not only will this provide anyone on your team who walks over it with a 30% Bonus Movement Speed Buff for 1.5 Seconds, but it will also grant vision similar to a vision ward.
Gromp HP: 2500
Wolves HP: 1830
Raptor HP: 1520
Krugs HP: 1720