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League of Legends Wild Rift Kha'Zix Build

League of Legends Wild Rift Kha'Zix is a Assassin Champion commonly played in the Jungle. When playing this Assassin in the Jungle Role, we rank it as a A-Tier pick. Kha'Zix will mostly do Physical Damage and can deal a lot of damage. Based on playstyle, we consider this champion Moderately Diffcult To Play.

Kha'Zix Build

The Voidreaver

A Tier

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LoL Wild Rift Kha'Zix Stats

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LoL Wild Rift Kha'Zix Runes

What runes should I use with Kha'Zix in Wild Rift?

The Best Runes for Kha'Zix in Wild Rift is the Electrocute Keystone, followed by the Weakness, Adaptive Carapace, and Mastermind Minor Runes.

Jungle Kha'Zix Runes Build
Keystone Rune and Minor Runes
Adaptive Carapace
Summoner Spells

LoL Wild Rift Kha'Zix Item Builds

What items do I build on Kha'Zix in Wild Rift?

The Best Items to build on Kha'Zix in Wild Rift are items that maximize your Attack Damage burst from your abilities. The first item to build should be , and then second, you will want to complete your with a and to finish up your Core Item Build will be a .

Jungle Kha'Zix Item Build
Best Item Build VS AD Assassin Champions
Best Item Build VS AP Champions
Best Item Build VS Tank Champions

LoL Wild Rift Kha'Zix Guide

What skills do I level up as Kha'Zix in Wild Rift?

Level up Taste Their Fear at level 1, and then you will continue leveling Taste Their Fear until its maxed. After that, you can start leveling up Void Spike followed by Leap.

Kha'Zix Skill Order

Kha'Zix Abilities in Wild Rift

Unseen Threat Kha'Zix Unseen Threat Ability LoL Wild Rift Passive
Magic Damage
Enhances next attack against enemy champions to deal an additinal 17 Magic Damage (14+ 40% bonus AD) and slow by 25% for seconds.
Unseen Threat is refreshed when the enemy team loses sight of Kha'Zix
Taste Their Fear Kha'Zix Taste Their Fear Ability LoL Wild Rift 1st Ability
Physical Damage
Slashes with claws, dealing 75 Physical Damage (65 + 130% AD).
If the target is isolated, the damage is increased by 110%.
Evolve-Reaper Claws: Attacks and Taste Their Fear gain 50 range and 45% of Taste Their Fear's Cooldown is refunded against isolated targets.
Units without allied units or structures nearby are isolated.
Base Damage:
/ 95
/ 130
/ 165

Void Spike Kha'Zix Void Spike Ability LoL Wild Rift 2nd Ability
Physical Damage
Fires spikes that deal 87 Physical Damage (80 + 100% bonus AD).
Heals himself for 55 (55 + 50% AP) if he is within the explosion.
Evolve-Spike Racks: Fires two additional spikes and slows enemies by 60% for 2 seconds.
/ 60
/ 65
/ 70

Base Damage:
/ 120
/ 160
/ 200

Heal Amount:
/ 90
/ 125
/ 160

Leap Kha'Zix Leap Ability LoL Wild Rift 3rd Ability
Physical Damage
Leaps to target area, dealing 67 Physical Damage (65 + 20% bonus AD).
Evolve-Wings: Gain 250 range on leap.
Leap's cooldown is reset on champion takedowns.
/ 15.6
/ 13.7
/ 11.7

Base Damage:
/ 110
/ 155
/ 200

Void Assault Kha'Zix Void Assault Ability LoL Wild Rift 4th Ability
Movement Speed
Each rank in Void Assault allows Kha'Zix to evolve one of his abilities.
Becomes invisble and gain 40% Movement Speed for 1.25 seconds.
Void Assault can be cast again within 10 seconds.
Evolve-Adaptive Cloaking: Invisibility duration is increased to 2 seconds and can be cast yp to three times.
/ 63.4
/ 48.8

What role do i play Kha'Zix?

The most popular role to play Kha'Zix is in the Jungle or Baron Lane, this is mostly due to the champion being a Assassin with Physical Damage.

How good is Kha'Zix in Wild Rift?

Kha'Zix is ranked A-Tier, which we consider a good pick for ranking up in ranked queue in the Jungle. If you want to learn about this champion's weaknesses, you can view our Kha'Zix Champion Counters guide.


LoL Wild Rift Kha'Zix Skins

No skins are available.

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