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League of Legends Wild Rift Kai'Sa Build

League of Legends Wild Rift Kai'Sa is a Marksman Champion commonly played in the Dragon Lane as Carry. When playing this Marksman in the Dragon Lane, we rank it as a S-Tier pick. Kai'Sa will mostly do Magic Damage and has good mobility. Based on playstyle, we consider this champion Moderately Diffcult To Play.

Kai'Sa Build

Daughter of the Void

S Tier

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LoL Wild Rift Kai'Sa Stats

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LoL Wild Rift Kai'Sa Runes

What runes should I use with Kai'Sa in Wild Rift?

The Best Runes for Kai'Sa in Wild Rift is the Fleet Footwork Keystone, followed by the Brutal, Adaptive Carapace, and Manaflow Band Minor Runes.

ADC Kai'Sa Runes Build (Dragon Lane)
Keystone Rune and Minor Runes
Fleet Footwork
Adaptive Carapace
Manaflow Band
Summoner Spells

LoL Wild Rift Kai'Sa Item Builds

What items do I build on Kai'Sa in Wild Rift?

The Best Items to build on Kai'Sa in Wild Rift are all attack damage, Marksmen are almost always built with full damage items. The first item to build should be , and then second, you will want to complete your with a and to finish up your Core Item Build will be a .

ADC Kai'Sa Item Build (Dragon Lane)
Best Item Build VS AD AP Assassin Champions
Best Item Build VS Tank Champions
Alternative Item Builds
Hyper Carry DPS Kai'Sa Item Build
AP Damage Kai'Sa Item Build

LoL Wild Rift Kai'Sa Guide

What skills do I level up as Kai'Sa in Wild Rift?

Level up Icathian Rain at level 1, and then you will continue leveling Icathian Rain until its maxed. After that, you can start leveling up Supercharge followed by Void Seeker.

Kai'Sa Skill Order

Kai'Sa Abilities in Wild Rift

Second Skin Kai'Sa Second Skin Ability LoL Wild Rift Passive
Icathian Rain Kai'Sa Icathian Rain Ability LoL Wild Rift 1st Ability
Void Seeker Kai'Sa Void Seeker Ability LoL Wild Rift 2nd Ability
Supercharge Kai'Sa Supercharge Ability LoL Wild Rift 3rd Ability
Killer Instinct Kai'Sa Killer Instinct Ability LoL Wild Rift 4th Ability

What role do i play Kai'Sa?

The most popular role to play Kai'Sa is in the Dragon Lane as Carry, this is mostly due to the champion being a Marksman with Magic Damage.

How good is Kai'Sa in Wild Rift?

Kai'Sa is ranked S-Tier, which we consider the most reliable picks for ranked queue in the Dragon Lane as Carry. If you want to learn about this champion's weaknesses, you can view our Kai'Sa Champion Counters guide.


LoL Wild Rift Kai'Sa Skins

No skins are available.

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