Freljord Taliyah Skin

Freljord Talijah Skin brings a cold breeze onto the Rift, leaving you with freezing chills. You can pick up this skin for 1350 RP, here are some cool features and animations you’ll get with it.
⦁ Blue, White and Frosty looking clothing
⦁ Icy particles that appear after her skill, autos and recall animations
⦁ New sound effects come with Freljord Talijah along with special voice over interactions with other freljordian champions
⦁ She also has a new recall animation different from the original and a cute pet baby moose

This is not a Legacy edition skin so you’ll be good to pick it up anytime.
Some sweet pictures are provided below that reveal in-game what freljord Talijah skin looks like. We’ve included idle stance of her. You’ll be able to see recall animation and left, right, etc stances.

Freljord Taliyah Skin

Taliyah the nomadic mage from shurima, takes on a whole new colder look with this Freljord Taliyah Skin. Overall blue look, with this Taliyah Skin fancying Ice over rocks. Riot even decided to give her a ice trail with high amounts movement speed.

Freljord Taliyah

The Freljord Taliyah Skin didn’t just get visual changes, there are also some unique VO triggered by your taunt animation. Both with your allies and against enemy’s. There of course with this Freljord Taliyah Skin being Ice themed, SFX changes were made to your Skills, Auto Attacks and even recall animation.

Freljord Taliyah champion skin

The Freljord Taliyah Skin makes her look more like a rural ice princess, rather then a Shurima Mage.  The baby moose seen in the recall animation, helps enforce this theme.

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