When does Elo Decay Start? [Solved]

When does Elo Decay Start? League of legends for season 5, my elo hasn’t been decaying since season 4 ended. When will i start decaying? Others ask when does elo decay happen? It’s all answered here plus more!


 When Does Elo Decay Start?

Elo decay start date? Every season Riot turns off elo decay for solo que and ranked teams 3v3 5v5 after the season has ended. Why does riot turn it off? They turn off the lp rating system decay because after a season ends you enter in the preseason. During the preseason your LP and ELO will not decay unless you of course lose your ranked games!

If your interested in how the lp rating system works you can check out this guide that explains it. Before a season starts riot begins its preseason phase during this phase elo decay is shut off and because of that you can gain elo and not play.

They do this so their player base can take a break from the game and also they get time to prepare for exciting content for you to enjoy. So when does elo decay start? It always starts at the same phase it should. Generally Riot will turn elo decay on right after preseason ends in League of Legends.

So what is there to do in preseason? Tons of great things, you can go out and not have to play league of legends and worry about your rating depleting over time. Or if your a die hard fan of League you can keep playing and enjoy all your favorite content. Good luck on the Fields and i hope your questions have been answered and solved!

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