Elemental Dragons – Mid Season 2016 LoL Update

League of Legends Summoners Rifts newest map objective, the elemental dragon. Each Different Elemental dragon will award players with a unique buff. These Team buffs will range from more damage, to health & mana regeneration.

At random one type of elemental dragon will spawn, after that dragon has been slain. The mini map will indicate the next type that will spawn. Both teams will know which dragon will be spawning.

Elemental Dragon Mark

Mark that will indicate the next type of Dragon Spawn.

(Elemental Dragon Buffs Can Stack)

Elemental Dragon

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Elder Dragon

After 35 Minutes, The Elder Dragon will begin to spawn. The Elder Dragon is more strong then any other elemental dragon.

Killing the Elder Dragon will Grant a Powerful Burn-Over-Time.
While granting a increasingly stronger buff for each Elemental Stack your team already has.

“On dealing damage to non-turrets, this unit deals True Damage over 3 seconds equal to 45 + 45 per stack of Elemental Dragon Buff. This also empowers their current Dragon Marks, increasing their power.”
Last 90 Seconds