El Macho Mundo Skin

El Macho Mundo Skin is turning the Rift into a wrestling ring, with these wrestling themed Skins. You can pick up this skin for 1350 RP, here are some cool features and animations you’ll get with it.
⦁ Spiffy new gloves along with a sick new hair dew. Blonde golden hair, maybe a poke at macho man randy savage.
⦁ New particles that for his skill, (W) Burning Agony and (R) Sadism.
⦁ New sound effects come with El Macho Mundo along with new SFX for all of his skills.
(Q) Infected Cleaver now has four different weapons – a bat, a championship belt, a chair and a ringside bell.

This is not a Legacy edition skin so you’ll be good to pick it up anytime.
Some hi def pictures are provided below that reveal in-game what El Macho Mundo skin looks like. We’ve included idle stance of him. You’ll be able to see  his left, right, etc stances.

El Macho Mundo Skin

This El Macho Mundo Skin has a sweet extra bonus with his Q ability. Randomly Selecting from a bat, championship belt, a chair, ringside bell.

New recall Animation for this El Macho Mundo Skin, along with new particles for his W and R ability.

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