Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Slow Time

Diablo Immortal Slow Time is a C-Tier Basic Skill you will unlock at Level 50 on the Wizard Class. When you use Slow Time, it will have a Control effect and a base cooldown of 18 Seconds.

Slow Time Details
Tier Rank
Class Wizard
Level Unlocked AtLevel 50
Cooldown18 Seconds
Effect Type
EffectInvoke a bubble of warped time and space for 6.6 seconds at a location, reducing the attack and movement speeds of affected enemies by 50%, and slowing the movement of enemy projectiles by 80%.
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Best Builds to use with Slow Time in Diablo Immortal

List of Builds we recommend using with Slow Time, these will include skills to use, weapons, armor, gems and even paragon.

Builds List