Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Rapid Recovery

Diablo Immortal Rapid Recovery Gladiator Paragon is a S-Tier Specialization Skill.

Rapid Recovery Details
Tier Rank
Paragon TreeGladiator
TypeSpecialization Skill
EffectReduces the cooldowns of Trapper and Uncontrollable by 10 seconds.
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Best Builds to use with Rapid Recovery in Diablo Immortal

List of Builds we recommend using with Rapid Recovery, these will include skills to use, weapons, armor, gems and even paragon.

Builds List

Best Paragons to use with Rapid Recovery

With the effects of Rapid Recovery, we recommend leveling up Uncontrollable, Trapper Paragons to increase the effectiveness of the Rapid Recovery Paragon.

Paragons Good With Rapid Recovery
Tier Paragon Effect
Specialization Skill
When struck by an effect which causes loss of control of your character, you are Immune. 30 seconds cooldown.
Specialization Skill
When you drop below 30% Life, you will lay a trap beneath your feet for every 5 yards traveled within 6 seconds, 240 seconds cooldown.