Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Greed

Diablo Immortal Greed Treasure Hunter Paragon is a S-Tier Specialization Skill.

Greed Details
Tier Rank
Paragon TreeTreasure Hunter
TypeSpecialization Skill
EffectIncreased the bonuses granted by Treasure Find and Lucky from 50% to 75%.
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Best Builds to use with Greed in Diablo Immortal

List of Builds we recommend using with Greed, these will include skills to use, weapons, armor, gems and even paragon.

Builds List

Best Paragons to use with Greed

With the effects of Greed, we recommend leveling up Treasure Find, Lucky Paragons to increase the effectiveness of the Greed Paragon.

Paragons Good With Greed
Tier Paragon Effect
Treasure Find
Treasure Hunter
Specialization Skill
50% increased equipment drop rate from defeating Elite monsters in outdoor areas.
Treasure Hunter
Specialization Skill
50% increased globe drop rate from monsters in outdoor areas.