Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal First Aid

Diablo Immortal First Aid Soldier Paragon is a ?-Tier Specialization Skill.

First Aid Details
Tier Rank
Paragon TreeSoldier
TypeSpecialization Skill
EffectWhenever you drop below 15% Life while party memebrs are within 5 yards, you will gain First Aid, recovering 15% of your maximum Life per second for 3 seconds. Cannot occur more often than once every 300 seconds.
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Best Builds to use with First Aid in Diablo Immortal

List of Builds we recommend using with First Aid, these will include skills to use, weapons, armor, gems and even paragon.

Builds List

Best Paragons to use with First Aid

With the effects of First Aid, we recommend leveling up Life, Combat Veteran Paragons to increase the effectiveness of the First Aid Paragon.

Paragons Good With First Aid
Tier Paragon Effect
Permanent Attributes
Life +160 - 4000 (0/25)
Combat Veteran
Specialization Skill
Battle Morale can now stack up to 8 times, and the cooldown of First Aid is reduced to 180 seconds.