Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Coordinated Assault

Diablo Immortal Coordinated Assault Mastermind Paragon is a ?-Tier Specialization Skill.

Coordinated Assault Details
Tier Rank
Paragon TreeMastermind
TypeSpecialization Skill
EffectAll party members within 5 yards of you gain 3% increased damage while your party has members from 4 different classes. This effect is not cumulative from multiple sources.
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Best Builds to use with Coordinated Assault in Diablo Immortal

List of Builds we recommend using with Coordinated Assault, these will include skills to use, weapons, armor, gems and even paragon.

Builds List

Best Paragons to use with Coordinated Assault

With the effects of Coordinated Assault, we recommend leveling up Damage, Superior Coordination Paragons to increase the effectiveness of the Coordinated Assault Paragon.

Paragons Good With Coordinated Assault
Tier Paragon Effect
Permanent Attributes
Damage +16 - 80 (0/5)
Superior Coordination
Specialization Skill
Radius of Coordinated Assault and Mutual Defense increased to 10 yards.