Dark Star Varus Skin

Dark Star Varus Skin is a Normal skin designed around the idea of blackholes (in space). It features black and purple particles that hover around the champion Dark Star Varus. When you recall back to base, you’ll be sucked into a black hole of well… nothing. You come plopping out at the shop.

Dark Star Varus skin

His bow is features a nether type design and when you hold your Q a orange black hole appears, upon letting go of your Q he will unleash a dark arrow. Dark Star Varus is almost unrecognizable as the original champion, he doesn’t even have a brain!

Instead he has a mystic pool of awesomeness floating up there. There are no other skins that interact with this one unfortunately, but if you want to counter to varus then you should have another look at graves. His kit does very well in match up against him and can often times leave you with the advantage in lane, which is a good thing right?

Here’s a quick overview of the skin details

  • Cost: 1350 RP
  • Is a Normal Skin
  • Black and Blue Particles
  • Black holes and dark nether design

This skin is pretty nice and in the end we thought it was worth it for it being a normal skin. Check out the Dark Star Varus to see a quick overview of that awesome lol skin.

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