Dark Star Thresh Skin

Dark Star Thresh Skin is turning the Rift into the void, space themed skin. You can pick up this skin for 1820 RP, here are some cool features and animations you’ll get with it.
⦁ New particles that for his skill,
⦁ New sound effects come with Dark Star Thresh along with new SFX for all of his skills.

Dark Star Thresh skin

Thresh skinThresh_dark star skin

You definitely don’t wanna be hooked by a dark star Thresh player who is using this skin. You’ll be hooked, pulled and sucked into a black hole and then re spawned at your base, well… not exactly. Dark Star Thresh is a Legendary skin that is priced at 1820 RP and we’ll let you know the details about this thresh skin.

When you start your recall animation a black swirling pool below you appears and spins faster and faster as you get closer to the end of your recall. His lantern almost seems intimidating like it will be used to kill you instead of help rescue you to safety, it is a black ball of dark energy colored black and purple.

The armor and clothing gear that Dark Star Thresh is wearing is also very final boss looking. With a sharp pointed cape and shoulder armor that looks like it could poke your eye out if you got to close makes him look bad ass and ready to brawl it out in the bot lane.

Thresh doesn’t do too well against Lulu or Morgana it’s a good counter to him, and if you end up facing it there is still some hope of doing good in lane. We reccomend to check out our thresh build guide and even the thresh counters to have a more detail look into how you can still come out on top and Shrek your opponent.

Conclusion: We found this skin to be worth it if you’re a die hard thresh player or if you simply love to wear amazing skins. This one is a good pick up and will make you look so good in game, we love his lantern the most out of everything.

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