Best Ranged Weapons Expert Builds To Use

Ranged Weapons Expert Builds
Tier Build Skills Perks Spells
A Tier
Glass Cannon DPS
Recurve Bow
Stat Priority:

Best Stats To Use with the Ranged Weapons Expert Perk

Rank Stat Desc
S Tier
True DamageDamage that bypasses all armor and physical damage reductions.
A Tier
Physical PowerIncreases your damage with physical weapons.
A Tier
StrengthIncreases Base Health and Physical Damage Bonus
A Tier
Weapon DamageIncreases Weapon damage.

Perks that are good with Ranged Weapons Expert

Perks Good With Ranged Weapons Expert
Tier Skill Synergy Class Desc
B Tier
Headshots deal 15% more damage when using a ranged weapon.
+ Ranged Physical Damage