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Dark and Darker Map Guides

Below you will find each map for each floor in dark and darker. These maps will have icons to indicate Healing spots, Loots and more. Credits for these map images goes to a steam community member and reddit user named "u/DetectiveNemesis".

Icon Desc
Altar of Sacrifice
Shrine of Health
Shrine of Power
Shrine of Protection
Fountain of Speed
Lockpick spawn
Rubysilver vein
Centaur Spawn
Skeleton Captain Spawn
Wraith Spawn
Goblin Cave 1 Map
Crypt 1 Map
Crypt 2 Map
Crypt 3 Map
Crypt 4 Map
Crypt 5 Map
Crypt 6 Map
Inferno 1 Map
Inferno 2 Map